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But to be able to excel in the CM/AM role is exactly why it will be so great to have him. Since Busquets won't be regularly dropped for at least 2 more years, especially not under a pragmatic manager like EV, this way there's a way for Frenkie to walk into our starting lineup anyway. And with Busquets in that lineup, Frenkie would have the freedom to roam forward with the ball at his feet, which he LOVES to do, and something which Iniesta did regularly too. While in the games, where Busquets rests (which should be more and more often as time goes by) De Jong can still play those games at DM and adjust to playing that position as well to be ready to take over from Busquets eventually, if we choose that position long term for him and not the CM/AM one.

What a luxury we have to be able to discuss how should we find space for both Arthur and De Jong together with Busi. If we also sign Rabiot and with Alena here we'll easily have the best midfield in the world. :D


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Hearing he had another great performance, but this time defensively. Really seem to be picking up form ahead of the return leg vs. Real Madrid.

Good job we were talking about De Jong for Busi and Rabiot as CM then. Read it again.

Rabiot's best performances have come as a DM. He's nothing special as a CM.

If he joins Barcelona I hope he can swallow his pride and play his best position and fight hard on the field.


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if he comes here and plays DM then rakitic should be sold or should start learning how to be creative again at CM...because what's the point of having 3 DMs?


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Mastered the field tonight again, best player on the field by a mile.

Best player on the "midfield" by a mile.
Frenkie had a little dip, but he's looking better and better each week.

I think De Ligt was MotM. He made v Persie look invisible.
Really great performance. Also scored a goal.
Tonight was his hundredth game, and the kid is just 19.
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Just counting down the days until he joins us.

We seriously need more CMs who not only have the legs but also provide control as well.


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Not as glamorous as his last game but had some positive moments going by this comp.


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:rofl1: :rofl1:








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I'll root for Ajax in this game but i have low expectations about the outcome. Think they'll lose after conceding maybe two goals on the break or on set peices.

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