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The classic Franz Beckenbauer type of CM/CB. Ajax are dealing their best players exclusively with Tottenham this decade so I don't see this kid at Barcelona.

I think he is better further up the pitch as a Modric type of midfielder. He is simply providing too many assists and key passes to play as a CB. Even though he is doing well there. I would gladly see him at the club. Lyon and Ajax have some excellent young players we should follow. Lets see how their seasons progress.


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I think he is better further up the pitch as a Modric type of midfielder.
I agree. He lacks a bit of strength and height and he has simply never played as a centerback before. I like your comparison to Modric, I think they are very similar in terms of style.


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'Is the next Johan Cruyff.'

For fuck's sake.



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The Cruyff thing is just the typical comparison people feel they have to do when praise a player, Cruyff was voted 2nd in best players in 20th century so there is very small chance Jong will be next Cruyff
But I like the kid a lot tbh, seem intelligent and versatile player with great vision. But I am basing this from highlights so I could be terribly wrong


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Why is that ironic?

Shouldnt really matter if they like Barca or not when going for a player.

Didn't meant that is the sense of who should we target, just an irony that one is getting what his teammate really want to, while he is actually interested in what is likely De Jong destination


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So basically De Jong is Barca fan,while MDL isn't but it seems we will try to get the later, the irony

Couldn't find his thread and still managed to post in the wrong one :facepalm:
I thought he contract expired in the summer of 2019. but looks like he's extended it until 2022. I hoped he wouldn't be expensive if we ever went for him.

Time at Ajax will certainly help his development though. Would like to see him with us.

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