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Post the entire rumour, lazyboi.

According to 'Jijantes', the Barcelona club would have received an offer from Tottenham Hotspur to get the services of the Dutchman in the next transfer market.

Always according to Gerard Romero's information, the London club would be willing to offer Barça an amount of 60 million euros, including variables, with a four-year contract for the player who would charge the same as in Barça if he meets certain objectives.


Basically being forced out of the club again as Barcelona trying to reduce his salary to 15m per year. I assume that's NET and not GROSS.

You can view Barcelona salaries here. All with green tick are verified despite what Jammy might tell ya.
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To be fair to McJam, being "best on the park" wasn't factually wrong though. It's just that our park is so shit that even mediocre performance from Fren is usually more positively impactful than from our other parksiders, at least for most part before his drastic drop of form recently. And even now, it's not like Gundo and Pedri are trailblazing or being better defensively than him. He has definitely been our most consistent, if not top class mid inyears he's been here. The current season shitshow is completely irrelevant for evaluating anybody. Eve Araujo has turned into Romeu.


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In Frenkie's defense, it has been fairly well known that he excels when playing with other blondes. Look at his Ajax days, De Ligt? Blond. Donny van de Beek? Blonde. Kasper Dolberg? You guessed it, blonde.

Surround him with blondes and he is the best midfielder in the world. The blame lies totally with Xavi here, playing him with bastard brunettes like Gundogan and Pedri. Or even Laporta takes the blame for refusing to pull another lever and buy a season's supply of bastard blonde hair dye.

You know who also like blondes? :pep:


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“He never made the difference, he plays well when the team does well, but he completely disappears when the team is up against it. That’s typical of someone lacking in personality.”
Torino manager Emiliano Mondenico on his own Torino playmaker Enzo Scifo.

I don't blame Frenkie that much, he's doing his part as the deep lying playmaker. He looks mediocre in a mediocre squad such as Barca. IMO he's very sellable atm and with great price tag I'm for boosting club finances.


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"Now Mundo Deportivo reports De Jong has rejected a new contract from Barcelona that runs until 2029. That he turned this deal down is being used as further evidence that the player wants to leave the club, despite the fact that the terms offered included a significant wage reduction.

FootballTransfers understands that De Jong simply wants to remain at Barcelona on his current contract and has no interest in leaving or reducing his wages."

Clear stuff.
He wants his cake and eat it too. AGAIN

Clear solutions as well. If he doens't agree to the reduced contract until '29, don't take him on the tour, unregister him for all competitions, let him train alone
Has always worked when clubs tried that

Let's see how long he lasts. Mbape lasted 2 months

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