2021 Nations League Final Four


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[MENTION=674]utility73[/MENTION], that play you reference there is more gray area. It's a bad technical execution by the defender, and he wasn't in any pressure. I would still give it offside mind you.

In this situation, Mbappe is clearly pressuring the defender to make a move because he attacks the ball.


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First read, then reply!

From the post , this constitute a deliberate action:

A defender goes to play the ball ? conscious action
The defender has time and options
The defender has control of his actions ? not the outcome of the action
There is distance and space between the pass and the defender playing the ball
Sounds like you need all 4, right?
2 and 4 doesn't seem to be applicable in Eric case


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Just noticed that chap that tormented PSG at Brugge, scored today vs Italy.

Charles De Ketelaere, 20 years old. Might be a good idea to scout him properly. But we don't usually do that shit at FC Barcelona.


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From the post , this constitute a deliberate action:

Sounds like you need all 4, right?
2 and 4 doesn't seem to be applicable in Eric case

I would also agree with you on point 2 at the very least but the referees for some reason considered it otherwise.
This ?deliberate play? thing is just one of those parts of the rules which pevert the original intention of the rule.
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Nah, the rules are fine. You can judge it offside based on the rules.

making an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball

Is he making a move for the ball in offside before Garcia slides in?

Of course. Everybody can see him sprinting for the ball like a madman.

Does this force Garcia to rush his tackle, resulting in a failed block?


---> offside.

Of course, you can misinterpret the rules if you are dumb. That's another discussion.

It is a clear intentio from UEFA to make a star team from France. It was something like on EURO when they were pushing England forward ... they need one star team to make some sort of hype. Underdogs and black horses are fine for the hype, but the final product is always one: star team that will raisethe hype among little children and "neutrals" that will buy that freakin Mbappe shirt in millions and millions od copies for years to come.


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hahaha how much can this UEFA and FIFA shit go worse...
SO yesterday there was a situation like Mbappes...

SO MBAPPE WAS ON SIDE because Spain defender TRIED to play the ball

Yesterday, PERIŠIĆ WAS OFFSIDE because Slovakia defender PLAYED the ball, but he DIDN'T WANT to... :lol:
How FUCKIN more BIASED it can be???
I mean, FUCKERS...

Fuckin hell, this UEFA/FIFA is getting worse and worse and they even don't try to hide it with VAR, they use VAR now to cheat people even more.

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