20 - Sergi Roberto


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Roberto just being herself. Not her fault.

Who fed Roberto against the Bilbao pressing at San Meme

Was just about to say it. I'd play for Barca too if someone put me there and enabled me.
Fish stinks from the head and it's Xavi and Laporta who are responsible.


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The last standing amigo.

Tbf I think he's still somewhat useful when healthy but yeah, need someone younger and more reliable.


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Barça will NOT offer Sergi Roberto a renewal. It will be communicated to him in the coming days. @alexpintanel

These titles kill me! 😂 Everyone knows, but Roberto will first know in a few days. 😁

A bit like: “his recovery will determine his return.” No shit!



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This is the first step in getting forward.

Getting rid of the face of our failures in Europe in the last almost ten years.

Roberto is gone, Xavi is gone, and things are getting better.

The next step is to get a modern coach who will forbid words like tiki-taka or baRCa-dNa.

Also, the question is when we will be able to spend cash. It is almost 3 years passed with selling club and all of that shit ,and still we are loosing players
because of few millions.

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