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There is no need to renew him. Midfield has cover and if spend money spend it on potential not Roberto.

Waste of time.

If wanting midfield to be over covered in numbers due to Pedri being ‘injury prone’ then should be looking to move Pedri on not plan for it with likes of Roberto.

‘But lads he is only 31’… he will be near enough 32 1/2 by time next season starts and 33 during it. That is more relevant.

Let’s sign up 32/33 year old injury prone Roberto as need him to cover ‘declining’ Gundo and ‘injury prone’ Pedri.. top stuff.

Barca have two midfielders out injured and one who can’t play as shite singing by Xavi in Romeu. Nonsense to say squad is ‘paper thin’ in midfield when if sign a DM ut would take at least 3 midfield injuries for Roberto to be needed.

Be as well selling Fermin if plan is to be behind Roberto and five injuries etc before needed.
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What a joke and embarrassment that this guy is club captain.

Hard not to be ashamed to be a Barca fan these days.


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Sergi Roberto on 5m, Marcos Alonso on 6m. That's the type of cap space that should be avoided.

Especially if you are talking about having an eye on Aleix Garcia with a 20m buyout and likely earning shithouse wages right now. Very good chances he amortizes to less than both if on a 5 year contract or so.

Bob knows the system, fine, but he hasn't really put in a decent performance against a higher level side for a while. If he is on around 3.5m like Oriol Romeu and renewed for a year, then I wouldn't really care too much if he stayed for depth. But you just know he has nothing to add at the highest level anymore, and that he would be deadweight to any new manager.


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Dont think that is correct salary for Roberto or Alonso and closer to 3m a season.

Garcia would be asking for 5m a year at least would think. Probably more as will have options and teams looking to sign him on that low clause.

Garcia be closer to 10m amortized cost.

Giving 3m to Roberto at 32/33 when he isnt good enough in any position doesnt make sense.


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We shouldn't renew Roberto. But I'm saying if we do for one of the lowest squad salaries then fuck it. I'm not sure how his deferments fit into it all, but I'm assuming they are not all paid off.

No idea what Aleix would ask for or who else would be in for him. But would expect that any deal with him would be more beneficial than these two sticking around.

We also have Pablo Torre on loan. Hasn't been outstanding but getting minutes of recent at the LaLiga leaders. Keeping Roberto and ditching Torre for example, Is all that's fornicating wrong with how Xavi sees things currently.


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If this guy was at Real Madrid he would never have made hist first team debut. Him being captain shows us that Barca DNA is truly meme worthy nowadays. Waste of time, space and money. Ship him off to Miami.
Never at best 11, now... Because years of playing is still at the club. Don't know really why but every player can shine for few games in his life like he did and that doesn't make him "legend" or so. He should have been gone like 5 years ago or so. He isn't Xavi, Iniesta, Messi etc. Didn't like him at all, because he was CM and after brutal CM competition with Xavi, Iniesta and Busi he was changed to RB with Dani Alves... Than came Semedo who was shit, thats why he got his place... For me, he was average player who got his path in the team because of the situation. Sell, release... I don't care, just don't keep him anymore.

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