20 - Sergi Roberto


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Embarrassing display! I can't believe that this clown is our first captain. :facepalm: By far the worst captain we ever had!

I honestly don't know where to start. His positioning is atrocious, his defending awareness is horrible, he contributes nothing in attack, he is slow and he doesn't fight on the pitch at all. Furthermore, our 13 year old habit of keeping this guy in our team, just for the sake of having someone to cover holes in the squad, needs to end. We need to part ways with this clown and free this spot for a young player who can actually contribute on the pitch. In addition, the fact that he is our captain makes things even worse.
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Should have kept the Mexican Araujo over this last standing amigo.

Yeah, he's not great but at least he's fast. Also didn't exactly looked out of his depth in first two games for UDLP.


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Should be jailed for terrorism against a minor. Poor Yamal would have nightmares having to play on the flank with him again. Lamine was defending and attacking on the right flank singlehandedly while Bob was watching a slideshow


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Of all the old farts he should have been the first to leave the club, yet he somehow manages to continue hurting this club.

Hopefully Cancelo will finally be the end of him, though.

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