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Seems to be deleted, but I assume it is Sport report that we want to renew him.
Well, good news is Sport has been unreliable, so there is hope

Don't know why it was deleted. It was a report from Gerard Romero that he'll earn 3m with his new contract which is 1/3 of his current wages.


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I imagine 3m net would be difficult for him to swallow, but it makes sense given he's been a crook for (more or less) two seasons and should definitely be below Ansu, Pedri and co in the wage structure, who are on 5m net (?).

Unpopular opinion: I am happy with keeping him on low wages, we need depth and not much else. Zakaria, Kamara and co ain't it.


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One of the options contemplated by FC Barcelona to reduce financial 'fair play' is to extend the contract of Sergi Roberto , a midfielder or right-back who will turn 30 on February 7 and whose contract ends on June 30, 2022. This week they will talk to meet shortly with their representative, Josep Maria Orobitg , and the football director of the Bar?a club, Mateu Alemany .

After a couple of downward proposals from Bar?a that did not convince the player, his agent's intention is to start from scratch, listen to what the club offers him and make a decision. The Reus footballer wants to see how they value him and based on that he will decide. He plays against Sergi Roberto who is injured and therefore does not have many offers.

Bar?a plans to maintain a downward renewal offer not only due to economic needs, but also due to sporting logic: at Bar?a he does not aim for a starter or as a winger or a midfielder, so he would not have much prominence given the large number of means of level that the team has. Busquets, De Jong, Pedri, Gavi, Nico, Riqui ... In fact, from the sports area there has been no rush to agree a new meeting with Orobitg after the player's first refusal to accept previous offers.

In any case, lowering economic 'fair play' with the renewal of Sergi Roberto is not easy. Although he does not have plenty of offers, he does have suitors and, at the end of his contract, in July he would have a signing bonus at another club when he arrived free. And if he stays, he would charge very low compared to his current tab. It doesn't convince you.



Renewing a player who's contract is up in July, that never had a transfer fee to amortize, to ease FFP makes complete a mockery of the rules in place.

Us: Hi, LaLiga, we have not renewed the contracts of Dembele and Sergi Roberto. Our annual squad salary has been reduced by 20m.
]LaLiga: I see, it seems that your salary cap as a result has been increased.



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Expiring contracts should increase cap, not decrease it, forcing clubs to consider renewing contracts just because of amortizing the wage spread.

Should be a salary cap in effect.

Unless i totally misunderstood the rules that's how it works yeah, extending him on lower salary would help right now though in case the club wants to register another winter transfer. Don't think it has much to do with next season, besides Roberto potentially being a cheap backup option.

The rules also don't "force" clubs to Umtiti themselves, that's just Barca sitting on a non-transferable leech :lol:


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I think Bob will cave in at some point, which I assume is what Laporta/Alemany wants.

Entering the final Six months of his deal and I assume the proposals he has are from Mid-table teams that don't excite him. And to make it worse for him he's currently been out for a while due to a hamstring injury in which he had to get surgery. He's shit out of luck at this point, and I totally expect him to cave.

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