2 - Joao Cancelo


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Good. We need him after watching the performances of Alonso and Roberto. Gives plenty of options and with our injury prone defence he'll play a lot.

Hopefully that means we'll never see Alonso and Roberto on the pitch together, unless Kounde + Cancelo + Balde are out at the same time. Gives good options to rotate without disturbing too much of the dynamic. These 5 players should play most games in defence.

5 options where no player plays more than 4 games in a row. Of course won't work like that in reality, but looks good on paper.
Kounde, Araujo, Chris, Balde
Cancelo, Araujo, Kounde, Balde
Kounde, Araujo, Chris, Cancelo
Cancelo, Araujo, Chris, Balde
Cancelo, Kounde, Chris, Balde

Assuming no more Araujo RB nonsense.


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Araujo will still play RB a fair bit would think.

Xavi is going down Pep route and wanting 1v1 defenders at full back more than what do going forward would be my guess.


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Should be a major upgrade to Roberto. Better he won't have the same issues he had at City and Bayern.

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