18 - Oriol Romeu


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Xavi tactics make every player on this squad look worse than they are. Lewandowski may be getting older and declining, but you don't go from scoring tons of goals for a decade then enter the worst form and goal drought in 12 years for no reason.

On top of it, almost every signing Xavi has asked for is either played out of position or not to their strengths. Why would you spend hundreds of millions on players who don't even fit your horrible tactics. Terrible squad planning. The worst of all was ignoring the obviously declined and exploitable Busquets and somehow not prioritizing his replacement.

Now we are stuck with Romeu, a poor player who also looks even worse than he is under Xavi.

Yet the usual plebs here justified Xavi ruining the squad both short term and long term because apparently his signings won us the league! Oh wait, our best players last season were already here.

Jamcock and PlebGoat taking them Ls, only looking worse over time. If only they knew ball.
PlebGoat :lol:


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It was a panic buy where the club was looking for any La masia graduate who spent some time at DM. Just to keep up the tired cliche of certain players understanding a Barca style that’s been gone for several years anyway.


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We suffer immensely every time Romeu is on the pitch. Hardly followed his career, thought he would be good signing for the club. Reality is his display on the pitch gives me headache.

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