17 - Marcos Alonso

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Xavi replaced our amigos with subpar amigo rejects from other clubs.

Messi miles better than pushover still
Imho shouldn't even be mentioned along romulan
Hamster on par with Alonso


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Formal offer.

1 year loan + sign for a year next summer.

...yeah, we gotta get a small transfer fee, and hope Fresneda is still available as Cancelo is also going to be backup Lb.


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I think he was actually ok in last 30 minutes when we were more attacking. Can't defend but that was already known before we've signed him.
Well, this is exactly why you sign him. Not to play whole game but if you are losing and need a high risk high reward player, he is perfect for it. More goals for both sides.

Otherwise waste. Way too slow in defense.


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Hope so it is true, but also we need to replace him with someone, it will be someone cheap, maybe even worse then this fraud.

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