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If Poch was offered the Barca job, he would probably take it Real Madrid man or not, he would be stupid not to. He could achieve all his ambitions at Camp Nou, he may not get the chance at Real.



The last time Ancelotti won the CL was in 2014, 3 years more recently than Pep's last time. He has also won it more times.

He's also been around much longer and only won it once more. His record in everything else is extremely sub par.

Pep has spent years and unlimited budget to construct the team he wants, which is the best and deepest in Europe. He isn't leaving to rebuild.

Who do you suggest that are realistic? That takes off Pep, Klopp & Zidane--anyone else is conceivable but not those 3.

I know Pep isn't a realistic choice, I'm more against that fact that people would prefer a ancelotti, mourinho or simone over pep in a hypothetical situation.

That's what I have been saying myself for years.

But our worthlessness in away CL games has been too frequent (almost permanent) to be put down to luck. Exactly the same thing (worthlessness in away CL fixtures) applies to Pep, with both us and his subsequent teams.

Personally i think we need a new bold coache who isnt afraid to play an attacking game and actually have a decent system, I don't mind failure as long as there is style, substance and effort to our performances in all our games.

Poch is an asspanyol and real madrid man.

No frigging way he comes to Barca.

Ten Hag bottled it too but might be available.

There's talk of Setien and Allegri too.

The only one I'd pick from that list is Ten Hag, Poch I'm not a fan of because of history but id take im over the other two. In no world would i ever want Mourinho/Simone/Allegri/Conte.

Messi still favorite for the Ballon d'Or. A spurs win would basically make it a certainty

I actually have a deep hatred for spurs so would prefer a Liverpool win. Don't think it should hurt Messi's chances either way.


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Board has ruined this man's prime. Honestly he should've jumped ship and joined Pep at City they would've won a CL.

According to what Jordi Roura said (co-trainer of Tito Vilanova) 2 weeks ago, Leo wanted to leave 6 years ago:

Lionel Messi might not be at Barcelona today were it not for Tito Vilanova.

The former Blaugrana boss managed to convince the Argentine to stay jus six days before his death.

"Tito was at a delicate stage and Leo wasn't convinced about his continuity," Jordi Roura, Vilanova's No.2 at the time, said to Radio Kanal Barcelona.

"They met and although I wasn't there, I know they spent a number of hours talking.

"Messi decided to stay and we hope that he will for many more years."



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Thank god for some people loyalty still means something. Even a hypothetical Messi-Exit would have destroyed any dreams of achieving anything within the last years. But I usually don't give much shit about these rumours. We will probably read more about it when his official biography is out, after his career.


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The things are reading about Messi these days.....

Fucking INGORANTS are on with the usual cliché: "Messi can't carry a team on his shoulders, bla bla bla..."

You fucking PRICKS, Messi is exactly doing that since september.
He played a level of football head and shoulders above anyone else in the world this whole year.
In the first leg he scored two goals and potentially assist for two more, too bad that he is sorrounded by overrated players who can't even shoot on target.
He gave us a 3-0 lead that this team still managed to bottle.
In the return leg he set at least 3 times one of his teammates to score, but once again they failed miserably.
But of course it's his fault because he "didn't show up", LMAO.
What he had to do? Insult, blame and curse his teammates during the game? Had he done this, it wouldn't have change anything at all.

This has been one of his best seasons, almost 2015 level, but with a much worse team behind him.
He was literally winning single handedly the fucking Champions League this year.

But no, it's not enough. It's his fault for everything of course.
Everyone in the media blames him.
Those fans at the airport, LMAO.

The rest of the team, paid fucking billions, doesn't have to take the blame of course.
It must be comfortable playing in Barcelona: if you lose, it's always Messi's fault.
When he wins, he wins because he plays in FC Barcelona. When he loses, it's only his fault, because "he doesn't carry the team".

TO HELL with this.

Thank you, Leo. I thank you for all the beautiful football that you gifted to me, once again, for the whole year.
Not everyone is so biased and not to see the reality. And not everybody forgets.
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it's incredible how much animosity is pointed towards him,seems like he's hated more than ronaldo at this point,people just enjoy shitting on him


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it's incredible how much animosity is pointed towards him,seems like he's hated more than ronaldo at this point,people just enjoy shitting on him

Ronaldo when he wins he wins "by his own".
When he loses and doesn't do shit, it's his team's fault. Proven once again this year with Juventus.

Exactly the fucking opposite that happens with Messi.

To hell that plastic overrated POS and his groupies.


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That whole piers Morgan tweet saying if Ronaldo played they would've gone through really annoys me. Ronaldo played Liverpool at a neutral venue last year and I only remember him touching the ball maybe twice. They handled him alot easier than Messi

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