10 - Lionel Messi - V6


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So sad for him. He has to play with a bunch of IDIOTS not to mention he is being coached by a complete moron!


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Blaming Messi for every time we get defeated come on guys..if our sole tactic every game over the past few years has been to give the ball to him and hope for the best, this is bound to happen..and blaming him for the few times he does instead of blaming the tactics and failure of our board to assemble anything sembling a decent squad to add to Messi instead of revolving around him has been our undoing..


FC Messi is a disaster, Barca need player's that are confident to not just look at what Messi gonna deliver. Neymar is much needed here at Barca


needs to stand up to his mates this summer. talking about wanting the CL is useless if Suarez, Valverde, Coutinho, Busquets, and Rakitic are still here


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not his fault maybe, but all our players want to pass to him, even when they were in better positions. that's what you get when everyone else in our attack is shite


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i think he will never recover from today.

we are doomed, these player are mentally done.
only vidal showed fire, the rest was paralyzed.


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Carried the team in the first leg, best Barca player on the pitch tonight. Would be ridiculous to blame him for the result.

james baldwin

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He literally couldn't do anything tonight. Messi has spent 95% of his career playing in possession based teams. Even someone with his unrivaled abilities can't do much when he barely gets enough touches in dangerous areas. He was feeding off mostly scraps tonight.


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It felt so sad watching him try and create a chance by getting deep into LM position - But then, it's also his fault for not being more vocal when it comes to getting the management build good team and appoint a competent manager. The one thing that he definitely loses to CR7 on


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I honestly think this day can be called the actual end of an era.
Leo will lead us to titles maybe for 2 years (liga, copa), but I think he will never again win the cl.

damn, i feel sorry for him, imagine how he feels.

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