1 - Victor Valdes


Sueco estrella
NO you're right Momo... I'm sure people would talk about getting Valdes back if we played another goalie all the time... He is very good for us, and what he does in the big matches and the important games is fantastic... We should be grateful instead of critisising him all the time


Sueco estrella
Man I can't understand all the negative comments about him... It is way easier to criticize then to actually remember what he has done and what he is capable of...


Momo un Bello Uomo
You guys need to remove the sticks bothering you in the ass that is called Valdes and give him Credit when it's due.

like in El Classico i haven't spotted one person acknowlaging what he has done, if it wasn't for him this season would have been worse then it has shaped to be.

If he's not performing well, ignore it because Pep knows best and has 3 'keepers at his dispose. Either say something good or don't.


All round Nice Guy
Valdes is awesome!! Love him to bits...

We all should give him credit when it is due!

We should also criticise him when he F's up

This time I am Saying "GO SON, GO!" V-V-V-V-V-Victory!

In a week i might be saying V-V-V-V-V-Vagina ! (or maybe tonight if i am lucky hehheh heh)

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