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There aren't many reasons for fans to watch Barca at the moment but if you live locally there's no excuse. However I do feel it's a cultural thing as well, the Spanish don't seem nearly as tribal about their football clubs where as the English will go up and down the country to watch their team home and away. Which is probably why you can buy tickets for Barcelona games on the day and when it comes to Man United unless you're a season ticket holder or member it's nigh on impossible to get a ticket for a home game.
From my personal experience of going to games in some other Spanish cities, the tickets were much harder to buy, several times I had to resort to buying from third party vendors; and from what I read about clubs like Rayo Vallecano etc., Spanish clubs do have fans traveling all around the country attending away games. This apathy could just be a Barca thing, which makes me very curious and perplexed. Granted that Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Europe and you can hardly fill it entirely unless if it is el Clasico of the Messi-Ronaldo era, but you can tell from the general atmosphere how tamed it is compared to other Spanish venues.