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Among the moaning and bitching on the manager, during Xavi's first 6 months, it's useful to have a look at some objective facts since Xavi came...

...And still, people shit on the manager because surprise surprise. A team in early reconstruction and with no money to make top transfers doesn't play with grace and consistency.

The normal rating of Xavi's season is he did a great job (good at the very least), with some awesome moments far beyond what was anticipated (nobody believed we'd trash both Atletico and Real Madrid), and with expected problems that he will have to correct next season, with the addition of some top players which is an absolute must.

Then we can talk about tactics and such, and problems and things to correct. But those things are fucking normal. We can work on those knowing that we did a good job overall since Xavi came.
In terms of results, there's zero question Xavi did the job he was hired to do mid-season- dig us out of a hole and get us a CL spot. Let's see what he can do next season. It's still going to be a rebuilding team and Barca finances are going to limit things to some degree. What's desperately needed are at least a couple of players who can provide something exciting and entertaining in attack. Ansu may be one.