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Thread: Positive Thinking Cules

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    Quote Originally Posted by Messi983 View Post
    First amigos need to leave then we'll see. Better not though because it's very likely that player will either end up at Madrid or be shit for us if we sign him.

    Youngest teams in Europe's top 5 leagues this season by @CIES_Football.

    Interesting fact: Barcelona is the team with the highest % of minutes given to U-21 players.

    Interesting (but not really surprising) that we're both a team with highest % of minutes given to U21 players and over 30 players at the same time.
    It is interesting. What do we derive from it though.
    Lewa is as athletic as the next kid (if your name is not Gavi). Age is just a number as long as you are pro (or not Busqets )