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Thread: La Liga Round 12: Valencia CF - FC Barcelona 0-1

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    I don?t understand the hate on Gattuso? He is entertaining and tough character in my eyes, as a player and a coach? Something that we lack in our current squad? Bunch of choir boys according to BBZ lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregorrin10 View Post
    He was a shit and nasty player, and he's no different as a coach. Atletico should be looking at him, perfect Simeone replacement. Valencia was a pretty good team, playing some really good football not too long ago. Then this thug came in and made them disgusting as ever, both in attitude and play style. Don't know why we sent Nico there, another disastrous loan spell already in progress, just another in a long list of many. Just think on when Gattuso was promising Nico the starting spot to convince him to join, and now he's benching him for freaking Ilaix most days and today even make shift midfielders (actually RB) like Foulquier or whatever his name is.

    We might as well just stop loaning players all together. Just sell them (with a buy back clause) or keep and play them, loans are pointless because we really can't loan for shit.
    He is a thug for sure (and that can work at some clubs) but he isn?t the reason they went to shit. The last time they were good was under Marcelino I guess and it already went downhill with Celades, Gracia and Bordalas.
    Can?t really blame those coaches either since their president sell their best players every season without descent replacements.
    Maybe going the thug route can make up for the lack of quality short term but I see them getting in a lot of trouble next year when they lose the players they loaned (+ Cavani probably) and the thug effect starts to wear off.

    And don?t get me wrong, I loved the atmosphere yesterday, I was just wondering why the fans were so hostile. I have watched Valencia-Barcelona among the home fans twice and they were always very nice towards Barcelona.
    Maybe because of Torres?

    I?m not sure about the rules but could Nico have played against us? Isn?t that forbidden? Here it depends on how many of the salary is covered by the loaning club but I have no idea if it?s the same in Spain.