Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I would like to thank Barcaman for approving my forum member request. And also for running the site.
Previously I got ban notice after I signed up a month ago and tried posting on Messi thread. Similar to other post I have made comparing him to Johan Cryuff. I was dissapointed but stuck around the forums.

Now to Introduction.
I have been a Barca fan since Rivaldo days. Something about their playstyle was just so fun even if it was in parts. It got me to do research more on the club and I feel in love with it. Played a lot of football in college. Have another friend in college who is also a die hard Barca fan and we actually started a team too for Intra college event aptly named "Catalans" and won for 2 years.
I like the forums and enjoyed the match chat vs Cadiz. This forum looks like we can share the frustation and joy of being a barca fan.

Note : I am not OG. We may share similar views on some topics but are not the same person. Sorry if there was confusion on the same. It surprises me that passing any negative comment on Messi is viewed with so much skepticism.