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All should?ve started after 14/15

Rakitic, mascherano , busquets , alba all should?ve been replaced & they easily would get us a lot of money after the treple ? perez would have done that

Messi just needed a good competitive team around him & he easily would have lead us to cl glory ?. What he has done in 18/19 is a miracle that only trolls haters & brainless people would ignore it
True that was huge mistake. Not selling highly valued players who were past their prime. We could have collected 50-60 mil for Rakitic after the World Cup but didn't do shit and his level had already dropped quite a bit since he came to Barca. You need to see opportunities like that.

In the end, we ended up getting nothing for these players or even paying our rival to take one!!! (Suarez)

Jesus. What a shitshow.