Hi guys,

Nice to meet you all. I've been a lurker of this forum for some years now and just decided to register today. This forum is awesome. And I especially liked the banters between members in the Players / La Masia / Transfer Rumours sections when they are defending their fave players.

A little bit about me, I'm a Barca fan from Indonesia since 1998. So I've experienced both the lowest (at least IMHO) of Barca like Figo's betrayal and Gaspart's last presidential season, and the highest that was Pep's era.

BTW, can I ask something? There is something that is bugging my mind. I remembered some old Champions matches where Puyol was at his earliest playing time in the first team. I remembered this because I was shouting "Who the f is this Puyol dude? Where's Reiziger?". There was two instances that I remember vividly:

1. Carles Puyol tried to volley a lobbed ball but missed.
2. Carles Puyol blocked a direct shot with his chest when the goalie was out of position. IIRC it was from Juventus's Zalayeta (CMIIW).

I don't know / remember whether those happened in the same match, but I've been trying to search for this match and re-watch it. Can anybody help me to remember this match? Thanks in advance.

Okay, back to lurking then.