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I hope players won't let Manzano's decisions get in their heads. They should concentrate on their own game but I'm affraid just being better than Madrid in a close game won't be enough to actually win. We'll probably have to be clearly better (like 2-3 goals) so his decisions won't affect us. I was quite optimistic a few days ago but now I'd gladly take a draw. Really hope to be wrong but I just don't trust Manzano.
Don't think he was really as bad as I've feared he'd be and that pen is a 50-50 call imo. I'm sure in a reverse situation on the other hand he'd give a pen though.

Anyway, while not being at our best in 1st half I think we were ok in 2nd and deserved a draw. Quite unlucky too. It is what it is now, no need to think too much about what happened. Need to get heads up and win the Copa final and remaining 8 league games. Madrid is far from convincing so I think they'll drop points somewhere and we can still win a domestic double.