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Yeah they really didn’t want to give him that 2nd goal. Didn’t even need a 2nd look at that Ilaix incident to see it was nothing.

Saw a post on Twitter a few weeks back, can’t remember where but a league has introduced microphones from VAR room to ref, so when they’re making decisions you can get an explanation why. No hiding or questionable decisions, would clear up a lot of things. Should definitely introduce it. La Liga and PL would benefit massively.
Yeah it's been requested by many. But I don't think refs would be comfortable with that because VAR probably isn't sure in many cases, like in Dembele's case.
So they're probably like "hey man we can't clearly see here in this short amount of time, just go with your initial call".
And then the ref is probably like "aight dawg they've scored plenty goals so far anyway, we should call Dembrook off here".

And then they do their best to get a fabricated picture of the offside.