As many of you know, Xavi had a long interview with Barcelona based newspaper La Vanguardia on Sunday. Here are some important moments from it.

1. He will take over when a new board is in charge and has set a clear plan for the future.

2. Xavi wants to start from ground zero and have the decision making power, without any interruptions from anyone.

3. He will appoint Puyol and Jordi Cruyff as assistants.

4. Xavi is all for Neymar's return and will love to see him back.

5. Xavi will keep all our veterans as a starters and has praised them as the best in the World. He thinks the base is very solid and with 1-2 new signings can make it CL contender.

I was very positive and exited for his return to Camp Nou, but when I read the entire interview, I change my mind. Not a Xavi supporter anymore.