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Thread: Hello guys, I'm from US

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    Hello guys, I'm from US

    The Red or Green Laser Level is the Best Choice?

    Some levels contain red or green lasers. While red is still the most popular and economical option, you may be wondering if you have selected the best product due to the number of green lasers. What is the big difference between red and green laser levels? Please read our short guide below to understand better what distinguishes these two rays.

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    If you choose the wrong tool, your work can be complicated

    Differences between Red and Green Laser Levels

    The main factor that separates the level from red and green lasers is energy. While the red laser level can reach 20 to 30 feet, the green laser level is visible at 45 to 60 feet. It can be advantageous for large areas such as garages or roof streets. However, green lasers also absorb more batteries and can be more harmful to the eyes for long periods.

    Why are Most Red Laser Levels?

    It boils down to the economy. Red lasers are more comfortable to create. It would help if you had a diode (a conductor), a lens, and some electronic manipulations to develop. Red lasers are also very flexible. They can be used for pocket pointers, levels, measurements, and medical devices. Because they can be made with low radiation, they are often safe for various purposes.

    What does this Level Bring with Green Lasers?

    Green is centered in the spectrum of visible light. Therefore, the human eye is most sensitive to this color. For this reason, night vision glasses and computer monitors were invented to display green images. The same applies to a level. Green laser light is much more natural to see than red light, which means that the edges are more transparent, and the view is more comprehensive. On the other hand, you pay more for them, and they consume through the battery much faster.

    Which Type of Laser is Best for You?

    In construction projects, the green laser level seems to be far superior to the red one. If you use it a lot, it's good to make better use of technology. Just be prepared to change the batteries more often, and use lithium batteries when available to get the most out of them. If you need something more economical, a red laser still works fine and is far more common. They also spend less money on batteries, which can be helpful if you don't want them on hand. In any case, laser technology is a great way to increase your level-up requirements.

    Advantages of the Green Laser Level

    Greater range

    Clearer view

    More power

    Disadvantages of the green laser level


    Requires more battery

    Advantages of the red laser level

    Easier to access

    Less money

    Requires less battery

    Disadvantages of the red laser level

    Shorter range

    Less visibility

    Energy saving

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    Two types of best green laser level that you should consider


    Each green laser level will contain a different feature that you need to consider

    With this new Dewalt DW088LG, it seems to be one of the easiest tasks to take indoor and outdoor measurements. This cross laser has a rock-solid structure and can get light green vertical and horizontal lines. Which praises its farsightedness, how it can throw its beam up to 100 feet. Its 12 V laser is perfect for displaying internal and external applications. It is very secure and equipped with a locking pendulum that serves as protection for all internal components. So if you are looking for a green laser level, the DW088LG will impress you.

    Features and specifications:

    A fully charged battery power tool works at the laser level, which leads to a long runtime and complete efficiency.

    The vertical and horizontal diagonal lines that emit green are of great help in various layout and leveling apps.

    Visible for long distances as it is four times brighter than the red laser beam

    Contains an integrated magnetic bracket that makes it easy to attach to steel and metal grooves

    Safe and robust, has a molded structure and is resistant to water/dirt

    The locking pendulum blocks all internal components


    The battery is excellent and keeps it active for hours.

    Its magnetic frame is pretty hard and durable.

    If you throw particularly bright green rays, you can take measurements remotely.

    Very user-friendly and uncomplicated


    The size is too big to carry

    Too heavy to move from place to place


    Imagine the busy work you do when measuring for a full floor plan. Well, your upcoming, similar projects are now going smoothly with Dewalt DW089LG. This 360-degree laser contains a green beam that is very powerful to take your measurements in no time. It is compact and can easily be stored in a safer place without taking up space. In terms of brightness, DW089LG is four times longer than red and also has an oversized housing. With an accuracy of +/- 0.125, the measurements can be called up according to your wishes. Dewalt DW089LG deserves to be part of a technician toolkit and is therefore worth every part of your investment.

    Features and specifications:

    Known for its excellent indoor range of 100 feet and accuracy of 1/8 inch

    It contains an IP protection rating of 65; it is very resistant to dust, water, and impacts.

    It is easy to set up as the rear magnet is well supported, which leads to high functionality

    Providing a rechargeable battery eliminates the cost of buying expensive batteries every time

    Can level itself and free you from showers of accuracy

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    Very safe and reliable to use

    Very user-friendly without complicated functions

    The locking pendulum guarantees complete prevention against internal components

    Comes to +/- 0.125 with high accuracy

    Three green lasers work together for maximum visibility


    Laser light does not light up when working in daylight

    The tension always fluctuates
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