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    Hello everybody

    The Best Winter Hiking Boots to Buy in this year: Best Reviews

    Summer is at its end and the cold is about to set in. For hikers, that would mean ditching the light and breathable top hiking boots for something a little bit more snug and warm to protect the feet from the cold while on the trail. Although we still have a few more months before winter, if you plan to also hike in the frigid months, the time’s better than ever to begin searching for a new pair of winter boots in preparation.

    In this article, we have a few best quality hiking boots fit for cold-weather hiking for your perusal. Take a look.

    ✼✼✼ Read The Article: Top Rated Hiking Boots - The Best Hiking Boots

    Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat

    The Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat’s best offering to its wearers is the excellent traction thanks to the unique design of the tread and sole. On snowy and icy surfaces, the snow tire-like sole will give you much needed grip to not trip, fall, and injure yourself. You can hike with confidence as a result.

    But the best part about the Bugaboot Plus IV is Columbia’s patented Omni-Heat thermal lining. With 200g of thermal insulation, the boots— working in tandem with a thick pair of winter socks— will keep your feet warm and dry in the snow. The upper is made from a combination of nylon and leather to aid further insulation. Our testers also found the upper hugged the foot very snugly and had a very comfortable fit after the allotted break in time of two days.

    This pair of Best Rated Hiking Boots is relatively lightweight for the insulation capability and the durability it offers. The lacing system is also straightforward and user-friendly. So even if you are a new hiker, you won’t be too troubled by the lacing.

    But these hiking boots are without faults. The first thing is that winter boots this pair might be, they are definitely not waterproof boots. It offers just enough waterproofing to keep you safe from thawed snow. But in a puddle or rain and water will have no trouble soaking in. The insoles don’t provide a lot of support and are fairly basic, which is quite a disappointment.

    Vasque Snowburban II UltraDry

    If you want a pair of comfortable hiking boots that will give your ankles plenty of support as well as being tough enough to withstand extremely low temperature and conditions, the Vasque Snowburban II UltraDry will be a fine candidate to consider.

    The high-cut design naturally has excellent ankle support property, so even if you spend a long day on a snowy road with a heavy load on your back, fatigue won’t set in quickly.

    In terms of overall comfort and fit, our testers reported the boots are true to size and have a very good fit … once they got their feet in. Along with our testers, several customers also said that the boots are especially difficult to get into because of the narrow upper neck. However, once worn and all laced up, the boots provide excellent insulation (400g of insulation) and waterproof capability. There is zero doubt that these rugged hiking boots will be able to safeguard your feet from the cold.

    The soles are grippy, so even on slippery road conditions, you will still be able to control your balance and prevent accidental slips. The lacing system is yet another flaw. It is complicated and has befuddled even veteran hikers, let alone new ones. It will take a little bit of learning to get the lacing right.

    The boots have a break in period, considering the upper is made almost entirely from leather. After a few days of use, the leather will mellow out and provide a better fit.


    We hope that these short Best Backpacking Boots reviews have helped you somewhat with finding a quality pair of great winter boots to purchase.

    Happy shopping!
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