Hey guys,

So I'm moving to Barcelona for a couple of years for B-school. One of the alums of the school I'm going to put up a post saying she's renting out her season ticket for the upcoming season. The pass incluldes League + Cup + CL. The quoted price is EUR 1,700.

Now I've been quite keen on exploring this opportunity, but many members have mentioned to be wary of renting tickets due to scams that happen. However, since she's an alum of my school, I think the trust factor is established.

Having said that, can someone tell me how this deal sounds? I have absolutely no idea how much season tickets generally get rented out for. The location of the seat is "Segona graderia. Porta 5. Boca 303. Fila 22. Num 6."

Can someone in the know please give me some guidance? How is the price for these seats and would this make sense? She mentioned that she will transfer the money she gets when I "Free up" the tickets, to me.

Considering all this, does this make sense? Also, can someone tell me how do I check where exactly these seats are located? I tried looking this up online, but I wasn't able to find "Segona Graderia" everywhere.

Look forward to hearing from you guys living in BCN. Thank you so much!