Don't disagree. Which is why I do fear for Odegaard plans.
I don't think even with the best case scenario, there's not much money to be raised on most of these. Biggest commodities right now are Ode, maybe Varane. And then you have those which club will not sell Fede + Vini-Rodrygo duo (either of whom are worth 30 at best now that everyone has seen them play).

Then again, we raised 20M on someone like Raul de Tomas so why not expect comparable fees for some of the others like Vallejo, Kubo etc? We've not done that poorly shifting players who played at mediocre level (yes, RDT specifically was Segunda topscorer(?) at the time, so there's that also).

I think Vallejo is rated as a defender under Martinez and is part of the reason why they're doing as well as they are 2nd season in a row + he did have some good performances. With some negotiation you could squeeze out some money.
Lunin is more than good enough for Segunda based on some opinions from Oviedo I've read and could probably convince a Portuguese or some lower level Bundesliga side to pay + look forward to potential buyback money.

The important part is that there's a LOT of negotiation to be done to make things happen in the summer. So if we're unwilling to sell commodities, phonecalls must be many and must start now. Otherwise we're not going for either Mbappe or Haaland, which also leaves a possibility we may end up with neither in 2022...