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Thread: Carlo Ancelotti

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Gato View Post
    I agree get back to the glory 80s when Everton was the best in Europe. Gotta get the manager from those times to help you achieve that. Big Sam fits like a glove!
    Sadly we have already tried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adversus View Post
    No that is what you want the question to be because you've made yourself look an idiot by your arrogance thinking you know what Everton should want in a manager instead of an actual supporter of that club.

    This was the comment you replied to saying you would choose Potter if it was between the two.

    But instead of addressing this you just keep saying strawman like one of those annoying woke little shits.
    You are a moron.

    I said who I think is better between Dyche and Potter and why like Potter if between the two for who attracts type of players clubs want in comparison to Dyche type players.

    Once again I couldnt give a fuck about who Everton fans want. So once again that strawman fails. Everton are an irrelevance... if I did have an opinion on who Everton should appoint would feel free to give it and not worry about their fans who want 'Big Dunc'. Would not matter in slightest.

    Stick to your shite about 'you have neve seen more than fee games and articles'. Suits you.

    I care less about who you want as coach than your club does. You are irrelevant to me and them. Take it up with them.

    Stop pining for attention on a Barca forum to try and discuss Everton and then bitch about 'what fans want' if it gets you so upset.
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