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Yes, even with those folks. Kroos in particular hasn't been that good for Germany if I recall correctly. Gundogan had been OK for Germany, far from the City version of it.

Their attacking line should be fine, they have created a lot of chances if not goals. Out of those bunch I think Wener had the most goals, with Gnabry and Sane closely behind. Goretzka had scored a decent amount of goals. Musiala is the one to watch for me.
League goals: Volland 16, G?ndogan 13, M?ller 11, Gnabry 10, Musiala, Sane and Werner 6, Goretzka 5, Havertz and Kimmich 4

M?ller actually made 11 goals out of an xG of 7.8, 5 shots per goal and has converted most of his big chances. At Bayern he just is provider and not converter - not just for Lewy, but for Goretzka and Musiala, too. And Volland is even more clinical. And Gnabry is somebody that before thrived in knockout competitions, too - he had a long period this season in which he did not score - but afterwards he did.

I actually think that the question is more if they find a system that gets the best out of everybody. But if they find that I think anything is possible.