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    Barca's best signing since the 2008-09 season?

    I expect a reprisal but I just love him so :wub: :cesc:
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    Not that I hold any animosity towards Djokovic or anything... But I'd love to see Murray win this one. The way he has always gone from being either British or just Scottish depending on how well he does in tournaments has always made me feel a bit sorry him :lol:
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    ^ This gets my vote :lol:
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    Eden Hazard

    He may of been trying to kick the ball loose and not of intended on jabbing the guy
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    3 - Gerard Pique

    Milan, I like it. I am a fan of unconventional names though myself and my girlfriend have already decided on traditional names for our son(s) But no, I like Milan
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    Hola from Munich, the new City of Pep

    Hello :wave: Look after him! ;)
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    Hola a todos! :-)

    Guten Tag! I apologize for my awful German :lol:
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    Pep Guardiola

    Good luck Pep!
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    If we could only win one: La Liga or Champions League?

    No it couldn't ever happen but in an alternate universe if there were some way, what a competition that would be :wub:
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    If we could only win one: La Liga or Champions League?

    If you sell your club to wealthy crime families they will probably cheat :P
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    If we could only win one: La Liga or Champions League?

    League football is a much better symbol of consistency than cup competitions, and to beat Real Madrid in a league the officials try to design for them to win makes it even better. But saying that, nothing quite feels like a Champions League win, the group stage draw, knockouts against some of...
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    Very true. Though I enjoyed Smackdown - I'm a ADR mark :lol:
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    Such jerks -_- getting more and more like Nazi Germany with the damn McMahons haha
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    I heard WWE have pulled a completely independent wrestling game committing no copyright infringements from Google Play? Anybody know if there is any truth in it?
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    Thiago Alcantara

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    Did I miss something? I'm pretty sure this is a FCBARCELONA forum, if other team fans come on here I don't think it is a Barça fan's responsibility to make sure we aren't upsetting the wittle darlings who can't take what is part and parcel of the football community - Team bashing. If someone is...
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    The Chavs are claiming Swansea played 'anti-football' :giggle:
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    This is what I like about Swansea, Chelsea are a group of stars with big egos where as Swansea are a team with not many players in terms of individual skill but the key word is team Massive collective effort's from Swansea, but then of course allow players like Michu to do his stuff. Plus...

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