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  1. Psychaz

    Neymar - v2

    its a lot of money but the guy is already one of the most popular players worldwide, He would probably generate enough revenue to pay for his transfer fee IMO
  2. Psychaz

    John Terry

    been charged, hope he gets sent down
  3. Psychaz

    FIFA Club World Cup 2011 - Japan - CAMPIONS DEL MÓN!

    play the kids against Santos, don't risk anything, i don't care about the Neymar vs Messi battle and all that bullshit, its a glorified friendly
  4. Psychaz

    FIFA Club World Cup 2011 - Japan - CAMPIONS DEL MÓN!

    Agreed man give it to Santos i don't give a fuck anymore
  5. Psychaz

    We need some height!!!!

    i just mean 6ft and over lol, don't have to 6'5
  6. Psychaz

    We need some height!!!!

    Everytime the opposition gets a corner they look like scoring. We should get someone with height to come off the bench, so when we need a goal we can actually use Alves's crosses, because whats the point of him crossing when we have hardly anyone who is good in the air???? i don't really want us...
  7. Psychaz

    David Luiz

    he's isn't a defender, should play in midfield, his ball skills are more than good enough
  8. Psychaz

    Candy bar poll

    Bounty or Galaxy Caramel for me
  9. Psychaz

    14 - Javier Mascherano

    probably one of the first teams on the teamsheet now, can't wait to see him and Pique play alongside, think it would be a real good partnership
  10. Psychaz

    Bojan Krkic

    never gonna be good enough IMO, he's a midtable player at best, should of loaned him to Sporting Gijon or something, they need a striker.
  11. Psychaz

    3-4-3 or 4-3-3

    4-3-3 against strong, 3-4-3 against weaker teams, we have to buy a new CB though
  12. Psychaz

    Fifa World Rankings

    were looking about right now, 8th is good for us, don't deserve higher
  13. Psychaz

    Radamel Falcao

    £££££££, most likely, he's gonna be on alot of cash
  14. Psychaz

    Bojan Krkic

    they don't have the players to do that, they don't press the ball at all
  15. Psychaz

    Andy Carroll

    £35m, even worse, near 40m euro
  16. Psychaz

    Andy Carroll

    £35m, even worse, near 40m euro
  17. Psychaz

    Edinson Cavani

    would like him here tbh, finally someone that has height and is good in the air to get on the end of Alves's crosses into the box.
  18. Psychaz

    Neymar - v2

    Lucas from Sao Paulo will be a better player than Neymar, mark my words
  19. Psychaz

    Esteban Andrada

    hope he comes, he's gotta be more secure than Pinto
  20. Psychaz


    the last placed team in the PL earns more than the 3rd-4th team in la liga in TV money i think

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