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  1. Deco 20

    Mavericky Puig

    All right, you're good
  2. Deco 20

    Lionel Messi - v7

    Messi has been a shadow of his self this season and frankly bad for most of it but if he keeps the level of his last few performances he is easily our best player
  3. Deco 20

    Mavericky Puig

    Ok now you're crossing the line
  4. Deco 20

    Thiago Alcantara

    He did this a few times with Spain at youth levels/U-21
  5. Deco 20

    Lionel Messi - v7

    It's the board who decides who coaches the team, not the players. The players can't publically criticize the coach, it would lead to chaos.
  6. Deco 20

    Antoine Griezmann

    Alba and Piqué are much better than any other options we have in their positions, who else should play?
  7. Deco 20

    Ivan Rakitić

    Great goal
  8. Deco 20

    Man of the Match thread

    Vs Sevilla Ter Stegen Messi Arthur
  9. Deco 20

    20 - Sergi Roberto

    Good hair? He's no Masche.
  10. Deco 20

    10 - Lionel Messi - V6

    Messi to New York City for 6 months and then Man City
  11. Deco 20

    Arturo Vidal

    I don't think he's good enough for a starting role.
  12. Deco 20

    Jordi Alba

    He's really become a key player for us
  13. Deco 20

    Clement Lenglet (loaned to Aston Villa)

    I was impressed
  14. Deco 20


    Great game It's a little misleading since players usually run more/minute when they play less but he has shown good movement so far.
  15. Deco 20

    10 - Lionel Messi - V6

    For a while I really thought he was just not suppost to score today
  16. Deco 20

    1 - Marc-Andre ter Ansplant

  17. Deco 20

    7 - Philippe Coutinho - V1

    Great first half but was poor after the break
  18. Deco 20

    Man of the Match thread

    Messi Alba Ter Stegen
  19. Deco 20

    CL | Round 2: Tottenham - Barca 2-4

    First 60-65 or so minutes.

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