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  1. Sepuldinho

    Samuel Umtiti

    Hes back? I saw in fcb twitter
  2. Sepuldinho

    World Cup 2018

    pavon is so shite.
  3. Sepuldinho

    Neymar Jr. - v5
  4. Sepuldinho

    Ernesto Valverde - V1

    Im not even mad anymore.
  5. Sepuldinho

    Nelson Semedo

    what a beast. i love this guy already!
  6. Sepuldinho

    CL | Round 1: FC Barcelona - Juventus 3-0

    Semedo should be our starting RB. Dembele to start?
  7. Sepuldinho

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    thats the problem with Robert and co. they go for big names instead of fixing the real issue.
  8. Sepuldinho

    Kylian Mbappe

    maybe something under the table for them? its kinda nuts to let him go on loan when u can sell him for 150M+
  9. Sepuldinho

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    i dun get it, we need to fix the midfield issue. why not go for Seri since he want to come and he wanted to join us badly. fucking clueless Robert!
  10. Sepuldinho

    Angel Di Maria

    i thought it was real. almost punching my screen.
  11. Sepuldinho

    Josep Maria Bartomeu

    everyone hate him, i really hope messi will not sign his extension unless Barto resign
  12. Sepuldinho

    Jean Michaël Seri

    we still have Arda, Vermaelen, Douglas, Gomes, Munir, Rafinha here. dafuq is the board doing?
  13. Sepuldinho

    Jean Michaël Seri

    SPORT say seri is a done deal. then what happen with Gomes?
  14. Sepuldinho

    10 - Lionel Messi - v5

    But it was announced on fcb official twitter etc before?
  15. Sepuldinho

    10 - Lionel Messi - v5

    so i kinda missed lots of things in this thread. he is renewing or not?
  16. Sepuldinho

    Ernesto Valverde - V1

    this is the best lineup i can think too if both dembele and coutinho sign for us imo
  17. Sepuldinho

    New 2022-2023 Barca kits

    i have MSN. too bad
  18. Sepuldinho


    Fking paulinho when u can have seri for the same price? 2016 barto gave us douglas 2017 gomes 2018 paulinho Get rid of him & robert ffs

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