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  1. klc123

    CL Round 4: Shakhtar - Barca 1-0

    How many managers will we go through before we realise this isn't the main issue. The way the club is being run from the very top has been an issue for more than a decade. Not much seems to have improved in the last few years either...still failing to make good signings, the signings we make are...
  2. klc123

    La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0

    Are you even watching the game? the referee is clearly against us
  3. klc123

    La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0

    How much was this referee paid
  4. klc123

    La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0

    Your opinion might be that it shouldn't be a penalty, but you're in denial if you don't accept that those are regularly given as handball across European football now.
  5. klc123

    La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0

    Rafinha is a donkey. Not anywhere good enough to justify having this bad a temperament.
  6. klc123

    Copa: FC Barcelona - Real Madrid 1-4

  7. klc123

    La Liga | Round 31: Levante - FC Barcelona 2-3

    Lenglet might be the worst defender in the history of the club
  8. klc123

    Ousmane Dembele

    His agent probably trying to generate rumours. Can't wait for them to realise no one wants a trash player who spends most of his time injured. 18 goals in 4.5 seasons people.
  9. klc123

    Ousmane Dembele

    Dembele isn't that good. He's probably going to be injured in a few games anyway.
  10. klc123

    Ousmane Dembele

    Apparently he's reached an agreement with Juventus? I'm just glad we are finally removing this cancer from the squad. One of the worst signings in history, only topped by Coutinho.
  11. klc123

    Negative Thinking Cules

    Roberto ahead of Ter Stegen? He was our best player last year besides Messi, and the main reason we scraped the copa. Clown team. No wonder we let our best player in history leave on a free whilst paying half the French national team crazy money to be injured/shit.
  12. klc123

    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi

    Not for long. I think people are really underestimating how much of an impact losing Messi will have on this club. Best case scenario is we button down the hatches and pray we make it through our dead weight player contracts without going bankrupt. I'm not expecting any silverware in the next...
  13. klc123

    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi

    That's pure speculation. What high horse? I fully admit this club has been run into the ground, and the socis are fully to blame for not voting out Rosell/Bartomeu when they had the opportunity. I absolutely adore Messi, but to suggest that I should hope PSG win titles now that he's there...
  14. klc123

    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi

    PSG have taken our two best players in recent history, and you wish them well? I guess the one good thing about this situation is a lot of Messi fans will stop pretending they are Barca fans now.
  15. klc123

    We have sunk like the titanic

    You're delusional if you think this club has been run for anyone's benefit besides the board and their stakeholders. Not for the players, and certainly not for the fans.
  16. klc123

    FC Barcelona Finances

    I know you're a famous shit-poster here, but I'll clarify for anyone else reading who doesn't full understand the situation: La Liga has a rule in place that if a player's contract is reduced, for the salary cap the minimum it can be reduced to is 50% of the previous years salary. So Messi...
  17. klc123

    Ousmane Dembele

    Couldn't do anything with the worlds greatest player assisting him, I have no idea why people think he is suddenly going to start achieving things.
  18. klc123

    Antoine Griezmann

    I know he's not the only one, but he's one of the biggest problems. I'd happily see him and dembele rot in the reserves for the rest of their contracts.
  19. klc123

    João Laporta

    Barto also set up the financial problems which have slowly destroyed the club over the last 10 years. Or are we forgetting how him and rosell also forced out our most successful manager of all time?
  20. klc123

    Antoine Griezmann

    Never liked him and now he's the reason we lose Messi. Very sad, I hope he's happy now.

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