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    Transfers and Rumours - old thread

    Inconsistent these last couple of years, including the early portion of this season. Few injuries didn't help. He has seemed like his old self these last few months though, if he maintains his current form then he'll be a class keeper.
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    Cadet A

    It is a very ridiculous sum, but the rumor was very unreliable so hopefully its untrue.
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    Cadet A

    I came to inform you that if the rumors are correct, then you were right and I was wrong. The rumored wage he's being offered is 15k/week, which is a ridiculous sum of money for an academy player. I believe Suso and Sterling received 20k/week this year, both have played on the first team, and...
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Cadet A

    Thank you for the insight! I'd like to mention that I think your overestimating what Academy players at LFC are being paid. Until they turn 18 they are paid peanuts. Sterling for example was only making 300 pounds per week. Once the players turn 18 they can be offered a full professional...
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    Cadet A

    Opportunity to play. Its a compliment to the amazing amount of talent at your club already at all age groups. Even the most confident youngster must see it as a daunting task to somehow earn their way onto the Barca A team. Don't be too harsh on him if he does join LFC, it will always be his...

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