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  1. vuji_31

    Ousmane Dembele

    Wonder have many goals will Mbappe be scoring concidering he is not scoring ridicilous amount of goals in ligue 1, last two seasons... we see players like Lacazette and Openda scoring 25 goals for much worse teams then PSG.
  2. vuji_31

    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    Damn, he is not even walking he will not be ready for classico. Too bad.
  3. vuji_31

    2 - Joao Cancelo

    Atleast you can say he is involved in the game, and wants to make something. Just remember Roberto's game against Villarral. Thats all.
  4. vuji_31

    15 - Andreas Christensen

    Defense is reasson why Mesdi didn't win 3 CL more.
  5. vuji_31

    11 - Raphinha

    He can be our Di Maria from ali express.
  6. vuji_31

    11 - Raphinha

    I don'f know what to say. If he was calmer on the ball he could score 20 and assist 20 with ease. He just do some stupid shit in the end.
  7. vuji_31

    32 - Fermín López

    I like this guy. Great attitude, can play, strong, runs and can score goals.
  8. vuji_31

    22 - Ilkay Gundogan

    Good game. He is also CM / CDM.
  9. vuji_31

    9 - Robert Lewandowski

    Player less today. His vision is shit. Osimhen pack your stuff.
  10. vuji_31

    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    If lewa could score we would win by 3 goals margin easy.
  11. vuji_31

    6 - Pablo Paez 'Gavi'

    obviously duffrent player on his position. He can't play too much deep, he is fabtastic on CM position.
  12. vuji_31

    Victor Osimhen

  13. vuji_31

    Juan Miranda

    Nightmare. One of the most untalented players I have ever seen. He is young but plays already like Alonso.
  14. vuji_31

    Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

    Seems like guy who will go to SA in 2 years.
  15. vuji_31

    6 - Pablo Paez 'Gavi'

    Our best players are all injury prone, forget about Messi, Suarez, Busi who played all games whole season. De Jong, Pedri, Araujo, Christensen are all injury problematic, we need to have bigger bench then last season. Imagine if instead of Pedri we needed to play Roberto.
  16. vuji_31

    5 - Inigo Martinez

    Bad game, but Araujo and Ter Stegen were also shit. E.Garcia was shit 2 years, spanish Lenglet. Can't be worse then him.
  17. vuji_31

    The Negreira case

    Slovenian retard who made profile and just posts in this thread. Madridiot.
  18. vuji_31

    The Negreira case

    Imagine how sad situation is when madiddgos are th I don't know what they were paying but they cheated us badly, we lost 2 titles, 2014 and 2017 just from referee mistakes.
  19. vuji_31

    7 - Ferran Torres 3.0. Baby Shark Edition

    What is most sad in his game against Mallorca, when he got chance one vs one, he showed zero idea to score goal from that position. It was obvious that just straight shooting will not get you goal, but he is so untalented that he does not have any idea or skill to score a chip or pass the...
  20. vuji_31

    6 - Pablo Paez 'Gavi'

    Good game.

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