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    6 - Carles Alena

    Here's the compilation
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    Sergi Samper

    Beautiful Video. Shows every aspect of his game. He's conceding too many fouls though. He has the character to correct it.
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    Cesc Fabregas

    He had three assists.. 1. Alexis 2. Xavi 3. Pedro's 2nd
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    David Babunski

    Yes against Germany Yesterday.. Strange that I didn't find any threads for this player. Came on at 80th min
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    Cristian Tello

    Great News that he made his Debut today.. Did great too. Babunski and Sanabria too made their debut. BTW, I didn't see any Thread for Antonio Sanabria... :/
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    David Babunski

    He today made his Macedonia NT debut against Bulgaria... Great News.. Together with Tello and Antonio Sanabria
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    Gerard Deulofeu

    I am not Supporting this Hype... But all I am Saying is.... Sometimes... People need such kind of Pressure to Succeed... People sometimes just get laid back... and such Pressure might Push him....!!! I am just Looking at the Positive Side... Not Completely agreeing with such Hypes...
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    FC Barcelona B

    Are you Serious... I thought Edu was one of the Highly Rated Defenders from the Masia....???!!!!!:(
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    Gerard Deulofeu

    Maybe thats Good for him... n with Villa n Afellay back to full Fitness... Gerard might not get that much minutes.... He did show signs of Improvement Last Season... Maybe He can Improve and Develop more This Season Btw... You read Pernau's Path of the Champions...?? Its in Spanish right...????
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    Gerard Deulofeu

    He'll most probably switch between first team and B team....!!! I read It somewhere... Actually that might entice him to work even harder as he knows he is getting close to get into the first team...
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    FC Barcelona B

    I wanted agostinho.... He is a really Good Player...!!!! Hoping his agent stays put
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    FC Barcelona B

    Ya I heard about it too... Spanish reports say they will be Signing contracts Next week after Portugal's U 19 Euros Participation... Since they got eliminated... It can Happen this Week itself....
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    Gerard Deulofeu

    Deulofeu needs time... Im sure with Players like Messi Xavi Iniesta etc... He wont be going for Glory... 1st of all... I think he is doing this.. So that people notice him... He is that kind of a player... If he is made to believe that his slight selfishness will cost him his place... I think...

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