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    La Liga Round 6: Barca - Celta Vigo 3-2

    Awful performance for 80 mins. What a comeback though..
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    Copa: FC Barcelona - Real Madrid 1-4

    No respect for the thousands of fans that payed to watch this pathetic performance. Playing like pussies in our home ground, what a disgrace..
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    Copa: FC Barcelona - Real Madrid 1-4

    It's more about pathetic team mentality once more. This team is proving again and again that cannot handle pressure. We were the better team and then just collapsed.
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    Copa: FC Barcelona - Real Madrid 1-4

    Atrocious attitude from the players in the 2nd half. Hope Messi is not watching this.
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    Franck Kessie

    Not sure if it is Xavi's fault or not, but this guy has been terrible so far. "Lord" Kessie meme material. He reminds me of Paulinho, but without the fighting spirit and occasional goals, just a 0 on the pitch.
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    Xavi Hernandez

    Bring a Dutch/German coach and let him build this team of good/star players according to the modern standards of football. Enough with the "Barca DNA" coaches. What we 've seen after 2015 is far from "Barca DNA" btw, it's just a travesty of that.
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    Champions League 2022/2023

    Plzen is so dogshit.
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    La Liga Round 9: Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 3-1

    Slow, predictable, boring.
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    Eric Garcia (loaned to Girona)

    He plays like a pussy, little scared kitty can't handle the pressure.
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    CL Round 4: FC Barcelona - Inter 3-3

    I'm gonna get cancer from this team.
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    Franck Kessie

    What's up with this idiot ffs...
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    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    I know that he can't be worse than Busquets, but he will need an impressive performance for Xavi to notice. Maybe this red card is one of these small details that can make our season and we will be discussing in May.
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    La Liga Round 2: Real Sociedad - FC Barcelona 1-4

    Maybe Gavi shouldn't have started after his disappointing performance last week, also he is just 18yo, there is no reason to start every game. Great that Balde and FDJ are starting. Regarding the RB position, it is obvious that Dest is a goner, Roberto is not good enough, so that leaves us with...
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    He is going to MU for 100mil. Ajax with some great business here.
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    Sergio Busquets

    Xavi is actually more to blame here. He really decided to build the team around a semi retired Busquets, because this is the only way he knows, while also spending 150m already this summer. A good coach would create a system based on his best players. Still very early, but Catalan media and...
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    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    lol at some people saying that Kessie is better than FDJ. At best Kessie can be another Keita for us, which is great. He doesn't have the quality to be WC though.
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    Sergio Busquets

    He would have gone to MLS if not for the WC. So basically he understands that he sucks these days, but doesn't care about the club. How can Xavi tolerate this nonsense and have this guy as undisputable starter.
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    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    At this point Xavi is making a fool of himself, needs to man up and stop being a puppet of the board. Just play the best players...
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    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    This is BS, another year with turtle Busquets as DM. We never learn it seems. Anyway if FDJ doesn't want to reduce his salary, then that's fine, can't blame him. I'm sure he will perform great in EPL.
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    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    So if the company you work for offers you more money than you deserve, are you gonna decline the offer? Not sure why FDJ is blamed for the stupidity of our boards.

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