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    4 - Ronald Araujo

    Good news. Warrior didn?t immediately fall down. Went back to his defensive position and then collapsed after ball went out
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    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi

    Haha 😆 thanks
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    4 - Ronald Araujo

    Gavi game is steadily improving as he gets more game time Made positive runs. Hardly gave away the ball. Tremendous work rate. Poor Araujo decided it is ok to run into Gavi. And Araujo is not a slouch either
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    6 - Pablo Paez 'Gavi'

    This dude is made from steel and pure muscle. Poor Araujo. I was very nervous when I saw Aspas and Eric turn Araujo over. Glad he is fine and can now meme on this pit bull again.
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    La Liga | Round 36: FC Barcelona - Celta Vigo 3-1

    3 points is 3 points. Come on when Madrid play total crap for 89 minutes and have 5 minutes of awesome stuff everyone praise them. We were clinical in front of goal today ( which is a pleasant surprise) But man those defensive errors lol
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    Ansu Fati (loaned to Brighton)

    All right hoping he is getting some minutes today. Looks to have put on size One of the side benefit of putting on mass which is greatly understimated is stronger ligaments and tendons
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    La Liga | Round 34: FC Barcelona - RCD Mallorca 1-0

    Not all of us have a lot of social life 😀. Just kidding was hoping for a early Saturday kickoff
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    La Liga | Round 34: FC Barcelona - RCD Mallorca 1-0

    Another Sunday night kickoff. Why can?t we have matches on Saturday
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    La Liga | Round 21: FC Barcelona - Rayo Vallecano 0-1

    Let?s gooooo. Looks like squad is back to full strength except Pedri.
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    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi

    I think the last 2 pages of the thread were deleted by moderators due to the same discussion.
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    Xavi Hernandez

    Just found this lol Btw are shorts not fully supported to link?
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    Net Spend for the last 10 years.

    Why are only we in the dog house? Sometimes I wonder whether whether professional football is just a way for rich oiligarchs a way to entertain themselves. Play station does not cut it for them.
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    Xavi Hernandez

    Just want the season to be over TBH. If Xavi keeps with the same tactics. Then he needs different sort of players. Yesterday both Ferran chances came when he was playing inside. In fact the goal came from when Ferran was on the right wing. JamDav1982. I think Xavi has control over the team. But...
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    La Liga | Round 33: Real Sociedad - FC Barcelona 0-1

    I think if we win the Rayo game and beat Real betis. We are mathematically through in top 4. Unless we concede massive amount of goals in other 4 matches
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    La Liga | Round 33: Real Sociedad - FC Barcelona 0-1

    There were 4 good chances. Shots on target is not the only statistic. Stats cover a lot of truth. Auba chance - scores Ferran chance - Just Wide of post with keeper beaten Auba chance - Just Wide of the post with keeper beaten Gavi chance - Awkard bounce on the finish. I would say better than...
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    Eric Garcia (loaned to Girona)

    Xavi should tape on his hands and send him in
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    Mavericky Puig

    Hahaha. I don?t know the full history of this guy. But what you said is funny as shit haha
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    7 - Ferran Torres 3.0. Baby Shark Edition

    Amen. Created 2 solid chances.
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    6 - Pablo Paez 'Gavi'

    He is back. Our young lion. Loved his game today. I think would have been MOTM if he scored that chance.
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    Sergio Busquets

    I thought he was good today. Made crucial tackles. However I more disappointed with FDJ. FDJ has to have that quality we paid for to play the ball out to striker under pressure.

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