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  1. malvolio

    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi V2

    Damn, might have to drop Netflix.
  2. malvolio

    CL Round 2: Porto - Barca

    Tricky match in Portugal. Our toughest fixture of this group. Draw would be alright.
  3. malvolio

    Ousmane Dembele

    Too early to tell really. PSG might still have a better season than Barca. Dembele might have a worse individual season, that's true. But he didn't make a worse decision than Neymar because Neymar was a generational talent while Dembele is not. So it's not like Dembele downgraded while being a...
  4. malvolio

    Ousmane Dembele

    Actually Dembele made the right choice this time. Went to his home country , to a top team and for a hefty bag. His injury record and performances at the biggest level don't help his CV. It is as good as it gets for him.
  5. malvolio

    Ousmane Dembele

    It's more on those Barca fans being absolute idiots.
  6. malvolio

    Liga Round 8: Barca - Sevilla 1-0

    Just 2 weeks ago we had the best squad în the world bar City's. What happened?
  7. malvolio

    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi V2

    Messi will direct his anger on some cousin fucking hillbillies from Arkansas. He should get a goat as next pet. Just for laughs.
  8. malvolio

    Liga Round 8: Barca - Sevilla 1-0

    Damn these games come in fast. Is it because of the Euros coming up in the summer?
  9. malvolio

    7 - Ferran Torres 3.0. Baby Shark Edition

    The most idiotic excuse that I've seen this forum come up with. But, but, but he has good movement. Whatever the fuck that means. :lol:
  10. malvolio

    Real Madrid

    Called it they will go for Xabi Alonso after Don Carlo.
  11. malvolio

    La Liga Round 7: Mallorca - Barca 2-2

    At first I thought you where joking with the whole Messi comparison. Now I'm thinking you're an idiot.
  12. malvolio

    La Liga Round 7: Mallorca - Barca 2-2

    The luck has to stop somewhere I guess.
  13. malvolio

    La Liga Round 7: Mallorca - Barca 2-2

    De Jong at most masks some of our flaws. It's the quality of the players in general that is below par. But I guess it's better to hype new nicknames than face the fact that our attack is made up of some deadbeats.
  14. malvolio

    La Liga Round 7: Mallorca - Barca 2-2

    We beat some bums - best squad în the world, alongside City's. We lose - Xavi is the worst manager ever.
  15. malvolio

    La Liga 23/24

    Benzema was deadwood last season anyway. We have to be happy that they didn't get Kane or Mbappe this season.
  16. malvolio

    14 - Joao Felix

    Has he been cuckolded thrice or what are we discussing here?
  17. malvolio

    4 - Ronald Araujo

    Looked like a mug in the game highlights. Was he that bad defensevly yesterday?
  18. malvolio

    Jude Bellingham

    Bvlgari fan?
  19. malvolio

    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    Isn't Bellingham a CM? Him probably. But Frenkie fullfills another role.
  20. malvolio

    Champions League 23/24

    It's mostly because there is more money in the UK and more interest from oligarchs, Arabs and other billionaires to live there and spend their wealth on football clubs. Football fans in UK are more invested in the whole phenomenon. With lots of lower leagues that have big attendances. Yes...

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