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    Xavi Hernandez

    Emery is doing marvelous at Villa, but then current day Villa is that perfect environment of freedom, lower pressure and high potential that he enjoyed with Sevilla and Villarreal. Higher pressure clubs and he gets chucked through the meat grinder. Let's be honest, and it would happen again if...
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    32 - Fermín López

    Yeah but can he do this.
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    Ernesto Valverde

    Life is always clearer when crouching.
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    Ousmane Dembele

    If only Dembele had a proper striker in front of him like Akor Adams or Matt O'Riley to bury his assists.
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    Xavi Hernandez

    Xavi has been the best manager for the phase that he has been managing in. It has been incredibly important to wrestleback back the player power from the dressing room and few would have the respect and long term media backing to for this cleansing phase. We saw how the dressing room ate up...
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    Premier League 23/24

    Txiki Soriano Flamboyant jacket man Pep ... Negreia
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    Ansu Fati (loaned to Brighton)

    Tbf I didn't watch the game. Just sometimes I feel that the xG data in isolation has gaps. Im sure the clubs have their own algorithms for this.
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    Ansu Fati (loaned to Brighton)

    Sometimes xG is skewed from chasing the game and intent for chance creation. And then of course counter goals.
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    Juan Miranda

    He's improved but still not a good fit for our play. And I'm not getting into talent level either. Don't think this one happens though to be honest. Just a lazy rumour. ... But then we did sign Bellerin. ... And Alves ...
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    Liga Round 8: Barca - Sevilla 1-0

    It's a stretch (from Xavi perspective) to expect your fullbacks to beat his defended one on one, especially in short spaces or starting from standing. Generally if the fullback would consistently beat his man one-on-one then he wouldn't be a fullback. That's not to say that Balde shouldn't...
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    Liga Round 8: Barca - Sevilla 1-0

    Rumour is that Xavi calls Araujo Reiziger when he puts him at rightback.
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    Liga Round 8: Barca - Sevilla 1-0

    Sport have us at this lineup. Just about thr worst defence and midfield you can play from that selection of players :lol: Don't expect this to start at all.
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    The Negreira case

    In the end it all went to Shakira's offshore accounts. Case closed.
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    Liga Round 8: Barca - Sevilla 1-0

    Good test tonight. Sevilla had a good game last time out. Catalan media say Cancelo has asked for a rest after 4 or so games in 11 (or so) days and without much of a pre season. That gives Xavi a lovely set of problems against the Sevilla widemen and with our defensive casualties. Balde to...
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    Victor Osimhen

    Devils been slacking.
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    The Negreira case

    This will be appealed and fought hard. First thing is to fight our defence. Second is to bring other cases (like Madrid) after this new public ruling.
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    22 - Ilkay Gundogan

    Pep has also had poor first parts of the seasons when implementing new concepts. Xavi is changing the teams game, with a few new faces and two recent starters who arrived on D-day. So some things are going to take a bit more time. Shock horror, I just defended Charly Herb.
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    23 - Jules Kounde

    Iirc Christensen is deceptively fast as per the CL data last season. Main problem with Kounde speed is that like Pedri it is flat. Little/no difference between his top speed and acceleration. By comparison Gavi is incredibly slow, but quick over the first 5m that you don't really notice it in...
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    5 - Inigo Martinez

    Wasn't the best idea to pair Inigo-Araujo together, fresh from injury and never having played together. Saying that the worst aspect of Inigo game yesterday was his ball playing, and that's supposed to be his standout attribute. Suggests far from ready to start a match right now. He will get...
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    La Liga Round 7: Mallorca - Barca 2-2

    Spanish media are not talking about this nearly enough. I'm not sure if Tebas has even commented, he likes to comment about everything else straight away. But shit like this is why people are opting not to watch LaLiga.

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