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    Mavericky Puig

    “Barca wanted to get rid of him. They considered him scrawny, bad defensively and ineffective in the air. What nobody saw was that he had the basic qualities to go far: he had game intelligence, speed in his execution, technique. If I hadn’t been at Barcelona, for sure he would have been sold to...
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    FC Barcelona B

    He's actually José Aurelio Suarez ;)
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    Seung Woo Lee

    Jang ir even younger than Lee. You definitely wanted to say "Paik"...
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    FC Barcelona B

    It looks like Wilfrid has a contract until 2018, if the information in this article is correct.
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    Sandro Ramirez

    Please, enjoy:
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    UEFA Youth league 13/14 - CAMPIONS!

    Kaptoum played really wonderful game, but it was Enguene, who assisted Adama first goal, not Wilfried.
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    FC Barcelona B

    Yeah, Edgar was very good, but he is Ie, not Le. It is time to remember his real surname :)
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    FC Barcelona B

    Less than 10% of the games??? Onoda has played 15 games so far, and Suarez - 10 games (out of 25). This is 40% exactly, not 10..
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    FC Barcelona B

    If for the game against Huesca it will likely be Balliu who will play on the left, because Lobato is injured, but Muniesa and Ie are with their internationals.
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    Maxi Rolon

    I heard somewhere that he could join the team once he turns 18. And as I know he turned 18 three days ago (19.01). So maybe we will see him soon?
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    FC Barcelona B

    Any stream for today's game (vs Huesca)?
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    David Babunski

    This is his last year in Juvenil side. So he is either joining Barca B next season or going away...
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    Do we have a GK and potential world class CB in the pipelines?

    GK: Ondoa (Juvenil A), Suarez, Lara (Juvenil B). All they have potential to make it, but all depends on their future development. In Barca B I don't see any GK who could be a replacement for Valdes. CB: I also like Roger Riera (Juvenil A). There are Bagnack and Xavi Quintilla as well in this...
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    Sergi Samper

    Here I partly agree with you. In my opinion, we have 4 very talanted CM (Nando, Calvet, Babunski, Enguene). All they are in the same level, maybe only Enguene is behind them at the moment (but he is younger, so it doesn't mean something). In the last game all they also played similarly. What I...
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    Sergi Samper

    Yes. There was the same quantity, but playing 70 minutes, not 20 min ... And there were also brilliant Nando pass, when this forum favourite Adama being alone couldn't score from 5 meters... Couldn't find the same from Babunski and Enguene. I know there is some favourites, like Adama, Enguene...
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    Sergi Samper

    Ok... 72 min – Enguene foul 73 min – good pass from Babunski 74 min – Enguene couldn’t fix the ball, Barca had to start from the begining 75 min – Enguene doesn’t know what to do with the ball and in the end pass it to Babunski who is standing near him 77 min – Babunski shot from a distance...
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    Sergi Samper

    Cannot agree with you. With Enguene and Babunski came in we had a problem to keep the ball. Babunski used every opportunity to make a shot, but Enguene looked like he didn't know where he should be at the moment. So, in my opinion, Quesada and Calvet looked better. The problem was that Barca had...
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    Juvenil B

    Unfortunately they have lost (0-1)...
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    Juvenil B

    Juvenil B have won their first match yesterday vs America (2-1). Munir and Alex Corredera (pen.) have scored. On Wednesday they will play with Boca.
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    Nextgen Series 2012-2013

    Only for NextGen tournament... The same is about Grimaldo.

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