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  1. Jaumet

    1 - Victor Valdes

    He is very very very solid... Feel very safe having him there and find myself seriously expecting him to save penalties and one on ones... he just looks confident... And that Fist pump afterwards that the camera never catches... Classy
  2. Jaumet

    Bars, restaurants in Barcelona

    My Grandmas house ;) The official? There are heaps of different ones, a bit like Fried rice... Seafood, mixed, Meat, Valencian, etc.... Well, we usually have a Seafood/mixed one for everyone and then mine - Which my Yaya calls the "El Nan" one (The boy - Which is me haha) i get a meat one...
  3. Jaumet

    Is football on the decline?

    I talked to my grandpa about this topic, and he said it is a bit boring but not as boring as it was in the 1930-1931 season... I dunno if i agree, but you can't argue with your Avi can you?
  4. Jaumet


    The aussie equivalent is Vegemite, it's basically a savoury spread, very salty, really nice with Rye or Sourdough and even White, toast it heaps, melt the butter, chuck on a big spread of Vegemite and YUMEH IN MEH TUMEH
  5. Jaumet


    I prefer Vegemite, but yeh.. YUmeh
  6. Jaumet

    Is football on the decline?

    about as much a heterosexuality is....
  7. Jaumet

    Sydney Fc Are Champions

    How did Muscat miss man? The "Pang" of the ball hitting th post is etched in my brain...
  8. Jaumet

    Sydney Fc Are Champions

    Followed by a topic educating people about the fact that football is played all over this planet called earth...:wave::wave:
  9. Jaumet

    Sydney Fc Are Champions

    Twas 1-1 after extra time - 4-2 was Penals... Pretty upset about this, i don't follow to passionately, but im a melbourne boy who works in Sydney - In an office full of sydney siders! I'll have to say "What game? oh that was on this weekend? Whoops?"
  10. Jaumet

    Which of these should Pep sell off in Summer?

    i wish i lived in lady gaga land, she would fuck the brains outa ya... Wowweeeeeeee and she has a penis... HOT! Why would we sell any of these?
  11. Jaumet

    10 La Masia products to watch by FCBarca

    Exciting.. ETock!
  12. Jaumet

    Most Painful Barca Memory

    Gees 1963 was terrible.. Or was it '64 ? I forget...
  13. Jaumet

    Whos the best penalty taker?

    Ronaldinho! The amount of times he hits the SIDE NET of the goal from PKS is amazing with power, and pretty much always sending the keeper the wrong way... WOW WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  14. Jaumet

    1 - Victor Valdes

    OH gee whizz, i agree totally.. that's what i said.. you just said in more eloquently... He is FANTASTIC at 1 on 1s, technically, always gets his legs in the way, rather than just falling underneath...
  15. Jaumet

    1 - Victor Valdes

    like i always say, for a keeper Valdes sometimes has SWEET FUCK ALL to do, Casillas is always busy :) so it's easy to keep concentrated, Valdes sits in a deck chair with his finger up his ass for half the game, poor bugger.. The someone shoot from halfway, and he trips over the power cord that...
  16. Jaumet

    Alexander Hleb

    Probably not but i hope he does... :2145960713mundoemot
  17. Jaumet


    Red delicious - yumeh
  18. Jaumet

    Ronaldinho Gaucho

    brings a smile to my face...
  19. Jaumet

    Worst Manager of Barcelona in the last decade?

    Louie Louie, oh louie your a shitty shit coach.
  20. Jaumet

    Player you would love to see this Winter or Summer transfer window

    Tim of the Cahill variety

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