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  1. Topolino

    Antoine Griezmann

    When he was subbed and it showed "0 shots on target" I and my gf who is like hugely not a football person amicably said "What the hell was this ATTACKER doing?"
  2. Topolino

    Ernesto Valverde

    Ofcourse it is. The thing is we have 2 options really, a manager that can actually motivate players like Klopp can and a manager who really is a winner. I MEAN Pep at first wasn't imo that much of a winner but he had a succesful philosophy and that's what we need. There are players who need to...
  3. Topolino

    Ernesto Valverde

    Just need a manager who's a winner. Valverde was and will always be the guy who's got that underdog story with him but he's not going to be a winner. He could be a great manager for any other team in the world thet doesn't aspire to winning the league, CL and the local cup every year. A manager...
  4. Topolino

    Ernesto Valverde

    Our attack under Valverde has been so static with no sudden positional changes that I can't even watch this team anymore due to the sheer frustration I feel evertime I do. The Midfield has gotten better with Frenkie and Arthur but all our troubles including defensive start from the attack imo.
  5. Topolino

    Ernesto Valverde - V1

    He has so much talent at his disposal and he's just incapable of using it. If he is to stay than he really just needs to sit down and think about life and the errors he's made. Also... he's making older players feel too comfortable and if it goes on like this we're going to need a Pep style...
  6. Topolino

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    Long time since I've posted... Parejo has been linked with us every summer for like the last 5 years. Rodrigo has been doing well for Valencia but he doesn't seem like the right fit for this team, he should be a counter attacking striker. Griezmann... well is Griezmann, dude's a donkey...
  7. Topolino

    Ivan Rakitić

    Every single pass he tried to make forward or inside the opponents 3-rd was misplaced as far as I saw...
  8. Topolino

    Luis Suarez

    Think Alba can play as LB/LW, Suarez will just be playing as a striker but maybe a little on the left.
  9. Topolino

    Josep Maria Bartomeu

    Fact is that the next board is going to have to move mountains to repair relationships with every single club the rat and his team has been in contact with.
  10. Topolino

    Jean Michaël Seri

    No release clauses in Ligue 1 tho.
  11. Topolino

    11 - Ousmane Dembélé - V1

    Wouldn't mind having him as a replacement. Young, brilliant and exciting player who wants to play for Barca. 100mil for him is no problem imo.
  12. Topolino

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    It's not about me wanting Paulinho here, just saying, that the board is so freaking incompetent, they can't even sign Paulinho. Thing is, by the time this board changing miracle happens, we'll only have a week or so of transfer window left and the best players are already gone or at a triple...
  13. Topolino

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    Fellaini, Cabaye or Drinkwater incoming... Or someone from the glorious Valencia midfield.
  14. Topolino

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    Our board can't even get Paulinho to join us, what the hell are we expecting from this window?
  15. Topolino

    Daniel Alves

    During the time of those comments, Dani was one of the worst players on the pitch iirc week in week out.
  16. Topolino

    André Gomes

    Oh damn, I just thought we sent the hottest guy from the stands on the pitch to seduce Italians, turns out they were all straight.
  17. Topolino

    Barcaforum Man of the Match 2016/17

    Umtiti Roberto Mascherano
  18. Topolino

    Jeremy Mathieu

    What on earth was he thinking there...
  19. Topolino


    We're going to win the world cup. In Russia. Final will be Russia vs Estonia. By the end of 2018, Estonia wouldn't be independant. Russia claims the trophy.
  20. Topolino

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    Masip 0-0-Mathieu-0-Mathieu-0-0 Mathieu-0-0-0-0-0-Mathieu 0-0-0-0-0-0-0 0-0-0-Gomes-0-0-0 0-Andre Gomes-0-0-Gomes-0-0 Paco-0-0-0-0-0-Paco 0-0-0-Paco-0-0-0 This would light the world up.

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