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  1. M.L. King

    Champions League 12/13

    Maribor! Hopefully, they can qualify for the Champions League. :) Dinamo are the firm favourites though...
  2. M.L. King

    U.S. Città di Palermo

    Sure thing; he is a great player, but grossly overrated nonetehless. He has still plenty to learn, and he still hasn't got it with his fancy and totally abortive passing, muffing most of the plays. Not to mention his realisation has been absolutely dreadful. He's had countless occasions to...
  3. M.L. King

    BarcaForum trip 2010-2011

    You were at the game? How was the atmosphere? It must have been a great experience.
  4. M.L. King

    BarcaForum trip 2010-2011

    I presume Tamer didn't make it?
  5. M.L. King

    U.S. Città di Palermo

    Man, I wish Delio Rossi had the guts to substitute Pastore now and then...
  6. M.L. King

    U.S. Città di Palermo

    Knowing Zamparini, all I can say is bye bye Delio Rossi.
  7. M.L. King

    U.S. Città di Palermo

    Palermo is playing arguably the most beautiful football in Serie A right now. The duo Ilicic Pastore has an incredible chemistry; reminiscent of Xavi and Iniesta in terms of their passing skills, and reading each others game. Pinilla has been solid as well, but hopefully when Miccoli is back...
  8. M.L. King


    Easy to say for someone whose country hasn't been devastated by perennial bloodshed. The last thing people here need is a constant reminder of their tragic past and the times when they lost those dearest to them.
  9. M.L. King


    I wonder why people always mix up politics and sports. :hmm: And congrats to Montenegro; looks like a solid team with a secure foundation.
  10. M.L. King

    Javier Pastore

    If Ozil's price is estimated at €20 million, there is no way we should be paying more for him.
  11. M.L. King

    Javier Pastore

    €40 million? He's hardly worth €15 million; he's still a mere ankle biter in the world of football, whose performances have been up to par only intermittently (that is, if you disregard his ineffective gyrating in the midfield, giving away the possession insouciantly on a regular basis); he has...
  12. M.L. King

    Bojan Krkic

    Very very disappointing performance; he's had ample opportunity this season but his production kind of resembles that of a bankrupt company.
  13. M.L. King

    U.S. Città di Palermo

    Bačinović didn't impress me at all to be perfectly honest; I have never really liked his style of playing; he is clumsy, impetuous and his ball control is mediocre at best so I cannot really see the rationale of signing him. There are, however, two sides to every coin. He is only 20 and has...
  14. M.L. King

    10 - Lionel Messi - v1

    I think it's fair to say that Ujfalusi's tackle was uncalled for, and I expect the association to mete out some sort of fair punishment for this action of sheer brutality. However, all this whining and crying over the fact that Messi won't be at our disposal for the next two weeks will do us no...
  15. M.L. King

    Water polo

    Congratulations Bojan and Petra; Croatia was great throughout the whole tournament and the win in the semi-finals rendered you the worthy victors.
  16. M.L. King

    What sports teams do you support/follow and why?

    Football: FC Barcelona; I also like Palermo... I was also a fan of the old Arsenal team when they used to play at the legendary Highbury; I will never forget Pires's sick curved shots. bX8Fpi4BojA What a legend the guy was. I do not want to spoil the topic; but I have just been overwhelmed...
  17. M.L. King

    How many Goals will Iniesta score this year?

    Don't really care how many goals he scores; I want him to stay healthy, and purvey our strikers with a bulky package of dazzling assists.
  18. M.L. King

    How Far will we go next year in the CL?

    I'll be superglad if we make it out of the group stage.
  19. M.L. King

    U.S. Città di Palermo

    Maribor beat Palermo; and guess who scored for Maribor; yep Iličić, probably against his future club.
  20. M.L. King

    Jose Manuel Pinto

    Pinto!!! What a legend.

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