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  1. Daemul

    22 - Ilkay Gundogan

    There is no need to worry about him. Gundogan normally starts slow and then grows through the season. It's where all those memes about him turning into Prime R9 at the tail end of every season originate from.
  2. Daemul

    Mason Greenwood

    Well, rightly or wrongly we're seen as villians of world football, so might as well embrace it. In all seriousness though, although I understand why Manchester United have decided to let him go, Greenwood is a fantastic talent. If the club who gets him is able to revitalise him as a player...
  3. Daemul

    2023 Preseason

    Why are Messi fanboys still on this forum?
  4. Daemul

    2023 Preseason

    This result has made me so happy that not even seeing Dest getting cooked by Vini in every 1-on-1 encounter is able to ruin my mood.
  5. Daemul

    2023 Preseason

    Madrid need a striker not Mbappe. They've been crying out for a top level CF all game.
  6. Daemul

    Kylian Mbappe

    With some tinkering, Barca could actually make a reasonable bid for Mbappe, but registering him would be the issue as it always is.
  7. Daemul

    Harry Kane

    Perez's obsession with Mbappe is going to ruin Real
  8. Daemul

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    Season is over and summer break is about to start, so we're about to be flooded with nonsense rumours.
  9. Daemul

    Champions League 2022/2023

    I have far more faith in Bayern knocking out Madrid than City. Pep in big CL games is a habitual overthinker and he'll do something stupid like playing Haaland at Right Mid
  10. Daemul

    The Negreira case

    If this is true, then give us back our money cause those refs who were meant to be favouring us did a shit job But yeah, in these sort of cases the burden of proof is on the party bringing forth the accusations. You can't just blindly accept what a person says without proof otherwise it turns...
  11. Daemul

    Premier League 2022/2023

    I missed the game due to having guests over. When I saw the result I thought Man United had gone done a man or two, but good lord it was 11v11 all the whole way through. No excuses for this result.
  12. Daemul

    Premier League 2022/2023 There is a (currently) lesser known political element at play here that may influence the direction things go in this case. People may be pessemistic and think City will get off lightly, but in order for the football powers that be to...
  13. Daemul

    Premier League 2022/2023

    Arsenal could be 15 points clear at the top and I still wouldn't put money on them to win the league. Half a season of good play does not automatically override a decade worth of trash they served up. They need to earn that sort of confidence from people over time, and dropping points at...
  14. Daemul

    Premier League 2022/2023

    I see this discussion about "Which is the best league" pop up time and time again on the internet, but honestly as someone who is in the privileged position to watch football for a living, I can say that there is very little difference in quality, despite the money advantages certain leagues...
  15. Daemul

    Ansu Fati (loaned to Brighton)

    The quote implies that it was someone Lucho initially called up with high hopes for. Players who weren't called up initially to the squad would would not meet this criteria, so it's not Fati or Balde.
  16. Daemul

    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    This Birdy and JamDav spat reads like one person arguing with themselves :lol:
  17. Daemul

    Karim Benzema

    tfw your arch rivals go through because of the one player you like in their team performing extremely well Why did we not sign Benezema all those years ago? Hell, I would even take him now if Madrid were willing to sell him to us.
  18. Daemul

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    I was thinking the same thing earlier. Watching our attack flying down the pitch after a long period of having snails lead our frontline is going to be a very surreal.
  19. Daemul

    Europa League

    Oh well. Now that we're in this thing, we might as well win it. It might be our best route into the cl next season :lol:
  20. Daemul

    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi

    Haha yeah it's been a while since I've posted. I've still been a regular lurker of the forum over the years, I just didn't have the motivation to get involved in discussions much anymore.

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