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  1. Barcafan 2304

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Sort that joke of a fucking defence out and ban pique from making a tit of himself on social media
  2. Barcafan 2304

    Lliga | Round 15: FC Barcelona - Deportivo de La Coruña 2-2

    Another complacent display with no lessons learned from last week. Instead of mouthing off on social media they should concentrate on going out and giving it all for the whole 90 minutes. Advantage from el clasico win almost eroded now. Need a bloody good bollocking
  3. Barcafan 2304

    Sergio Busquets

    Perhaps he deserves a suspension to eh
  4. Barcafan 2304

    9 - Luis Suárez - v1

    Point is what I made. If you don't get it that's your look out. People criticising Suarez and over analysing his behaviour when he has been nothing but a success both on and off the pitch
  5. Barcafan 2304

    UEFA Champions League 2015/16

    Can't win em all
  6. Barcafan 2304

    Lliga | Round 14: Valencia CF - FC Barcelona 1-1

    Spoilt drama queens lol. No , it was frustrating last night but hey, given our poor form and defensive worries earlier this season, I'll take where we are now
  7. Barcafan 2304

    9 - Luis Suárez - v1

    No hypocrisy at all. No one is pretending he is soft and cuddly but on this forum, it's like some people can't wait for something to analyse about him. Oh, he kicked someone. So what? It happens and like I said above, he gets kicked plenty of times to. Why not enjoy what he is doing for...
  8. Barcafan 2304

    9 - Luis Suárez - v1

    Some people still seem keen to over analyse and make a drama out of Suarez. So what if he gave a defender a bit back. Couldn't give a toss. He has been excellent for Barca and his behaviour since coming has been exemplary. Abdennour is hardly a shrinking violet so get a grip and back Suarez as a...
  9. Barcafan 2304

    UEFA Champions League 2015/16

    We have a good chance of creating history here. Don't see anyone for us to be scared of
  10. Barcafan 2304

    Real Madrid

    Hopefully Villarreal can get something from them next week
  11. Barcafan 2304

    Real Madrid

    Wow! I was pissed off with the result last night but hell, that's a hell of a downer
  12. Barcafan 2304

    Positive Thinking Cules

  13. Barcafan 2304

    Paul Pogba

    I can't see this now. No way can we afford to renew Messi and Neymar and get a expensive transfer like pogba in
  14. Barcafan 2304

    20 - Sergi Roberto

    Hope he is back any news?
  15. Barcafan 2304

    Spanish FA, FC Barcelona sanctioned for international transfers of minors

    Yip and I'll believe sanctions against Madrid only when I see them
  16. Barcafan 2304

    Lliga | Round 14: Valencia CF - FC Barcelona 1-1

    I was pissed off last night but a fresh perspective today means positivity. Looked at the fixture list and after a tricky game against espanyol at the start of January, the next two months are really kind to us. We have got the two madrids, Sevilla, Bilbao, Celta and Valencia away out the way...
  17. Barcafan 2304

    FC Barcelona B

    Great result. Just get out of relegation trouble, consolidate and go again next season
  18. Barcafan 2304

    11 - Neymar Jr. - v4

    I think he is fast catching up with him. People will get at me for this but honestly, like I said above, his extension is the number one priority. He is the future
  19. Barcafan 2304

    Loaned: Arda Turan

    Can't play against espanyol. Bloody daft but there you go. FIFA like to annoying
  20. Barcafan 2304

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Why do we always ignore the CB berth? I love we focus on playing attractive attacking football but for gods sake, get a CB!

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