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  1. Vladinho

    La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0

    Hope grass-cutters work this time
  2. Vladinho

    Ousmane Dembele

    Everyone is a though negotiator when Barca calls... especially now that they know we need a replacement and we have some money to spend (allegedly) the overpayment would apply to anyone we would try to sign. I'd rather overpay for Nico, than do it for J. Felix
  3. Vladinho

    Ousmane Dembele

    At this point, I don't understand why are we not chasing Nico Williams from Bilbao..would fit the system imho. Knows la liga, 21 years old
  4. Vladinho

    Europa League

    Never forget when he picked up on Pedri...what a sore loser
  5. Vladinho

    Europa League

    Maguire, you legend
  6. Vladinho

    João Laporta

    Can't wait to get past this non-fotball related dick measuring contest.. who cares who supported Franco? He was a dictator, of course everyone played his fiddle out of terror. This is childish behaviour from both of the clubs...instead of both clubs working together to make la liga stronger and...
  7. Vladinho

    Champions League 2022/2023

    He ain't romanian
  8. Vladinho

    Does messi have intensions of coming back?

    If you think La Liga (Tebas) would allow him to play for free for us you're more innocent than a toddler.
  9. Vladinho

    8 - Pedro Gonzalez "Pedri"

    Been thinking about this for some time...but I feel he enjoys the 8 much more, as an Iniesta fan. But 10 would suit him like a glove. Also, marketing wise, would be a hit in the stores
  10. Vladinho

    7 - Ferran Torres 2.0 Shark Edition

    Distruction = 100! Good one mate
  11. Vladinho

    Daniel Alves

    Sentenced without bail... doesn't say for how long..not looking good
  12. Vladinho

    La Liga 2022/23

    Thanks Setien. Once a cule, always a cule!
  13. Vladinho

    Sergio Busquets

    Zidane82 aka "don't even try to think something bad about Busi"
  14. Vladinho


    Honestly, I would love it and I think that I deserve it
  15. Vladinho

    CL Round 5: FC Barcelona - Bayern Munchen 0-3

    I would go with Flick or Klopp. For me, they would turn this team around and bin this DNA disease out of this club philosophy
  16. Vladinho

    CL Round 5: FC Barcelona - Bayern Munchen 0-3

    Yeah, Iniesta is up there with Messi..
  17. Vladinho

    CL Round 5: FC Barcelona - Bayern Munchen 0-3

    These guys playing for Barca have no ideea how good Messi made them creating spaces for them and taking on 1 or 2 players. Welcome to reality, this is your actual level...
  18. Vladinho

    CL Round 5: FC Barcelona - Bayern Munchen 0-3

    The green mile reference: I'm tired boss...
  19. Vladinho

    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi

    Is it really happening? Odd that these news come out, when Messi's team has said that any negotiations will take place only after the WC. Nevertheless, I'm all for him to come back. A proper send off is needed, be it in 1 or 2 seasons. Don't see him staying for more than that, but who knows
  20. Vladinho

    CL Round 2: Bayern Munchen - FC Barcelona 2-0

    Like your confidence bro, we only need 10 players to dominate these fools. Gavi would be too much too handle

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