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  1. khaled_a_d

    Gabriel Moscardo

    Was subbed off at half time. Missed the game, but it seems he has been struggling lately after solid start
  2. khaled_a_d

    Vitor Roque

    It is an ankle sprain, seems like grade 3 which could be problematic. If it is grade 2 it is almost no issue tbh It is very common injury, and even grade 3 he can come back to his former self in no time
  3. khaled_a_d

    Vitor Roque

    He has yet to show that in senior team. 17 months age difference though, at this stage of their careers it is significant. He is 17 playing for best club in Brazil over the past half decade. Never fell for the super the hype with Endrick, but clearly all those scouts realised something...
  4. khaled_a_d

    Vitor Roque

    Roque is an aggressive poacher who is far more developed than Endrick. Endrick is still too raw, and he suffer from lack of clear position (He isn't a true 9 nor 10)
  5. khaled_a_d

    Gabriel Moscardo

    He plays today against Botafogo who are head of the table.
  6. khaled_a_d

    Vitor Roque

    Plays in a few minutes
  7. khaled_a_d

    Noah Darvich

    I am worried about him giving the club the needed time though. Darvish needs a lot of work, and more importantly needs a decision on how & where (positionally) he develops. He isn't a winger for sure, but is he a midfielder or a second striker? Feels a position like Wirtz will get the best of...
  8. khaled_a_d

    Barca-related Open Thread

    We have a very good squad, but we also have serious issues especially in terms of bench: Pena, Roberto, Alonso are all disasters waiting to happen, the fullback situation might be softened if all CBs are healthy and cover for them. Pena is the worst back up GK among top teams. We have no back...
  9. khaled_a_d

    La Liga 23/24

    Ramos started for Sevilla, who has the likes of Rakitic & Navas as starter. Araujo starting for las Palmas too. 1-0 for Sevilla with minutes to go. Pimienta might follow Setien soon at this rate
  10. khaled_a_d

    Chadi Riad

    Despite the result, I think he did fairly well against a team like ours, considering he is a rookie. Can see him developing into a rotation CB in couple of years. A bit lost and don't know where to be at times but he has the physical tools and talent. Betis could ve be great move for him
  11. khaled_a_d

    FC Barcelona B

    Watched the game, first time watching Barca B this year. Was impressed by Cubarasi, he has good instincts. His passing could be improved though. Fort looks better than I remember. Bernal is the reason I am watching this team, he has that quick decision making and good passing ability. Needs to...
  12. khaled_a_d

    FC Barcelona B

  13. khaled_a_d

    Matheus Fernandes

    The Spanish court has demanded to reduce the €7.7m compensation Barcelona owes to Matheus Fernandes to €731,291. — @mundodeportivo
  14. khaled_a_d

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    He has the perfect profile for Barca DM, stylistically he is tailor made for possession DM. His level is very questionable to me, very curious how he will perform in CL.
  15. khaled_a_d

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    Why would they need to pay under the table money? They aren't under FFP, or we are talking about a bribe to board members? Feels like the club overestimated his value, when they publicly admitted they needed to sell him due to finances. Today Turkish deadline, so no European option for him...
  16. khaled_a_d

    Transfers and Rumors

    His club screwed him, played hard ball with European teams. Kid could have been playing in Europe if they have accepted that price from the start.
  17. khaled_a_d

    João Laporta

    There is a talk that the 270 doesn't factor the lever we pulled last year, that in February 160m shoild be added to club income. Don't know how accurate it is though
  18. khaled_a_d

    Best club team of the last 15 years tournament (Round of 32/Part 1)

    Manchester City 2022/23 vs. PSG 2013/14: City Real Madrid 2011/12 vs. Chelsea 2011/12  Real Barcelona 2005/06 vs. Manchester City 2017/18 Barca Barcelona 2018/19 vs. Bayern 2012/13 Bayern Liverpool 2018/19 vs. BVB 2012/13 Liverpool Chelsea 2007/08 vs. Real Madrid 2013/14  Real AC Milan...
  19. khaled_a_d

    La Liga 23/24

    If you are interested in the pronunciation :,_recorded_17-05-2012).ogg
  20. khaled_a_d


    It will be Messi's fairwell tour, people will care

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